Wake Up & Do Something To Save Humanity.

If you could visualize the end of human civilization as a clock, with midnight being our final moment, it's now 11:30 pm. Life as we have known it will soon be over, replaced by a technocratic totalitarian global prison that we may never escape from. Freedoms we've taken for granted will be gone: free speech, freedom of travel, freedom to better ourselves, freedom to live where we choose, and even freedom of thought are disappearing right now and those freedoms will vanish completely, very soon, if we don't wake up and do something to stop it.

We're running out of time.

Wealthy globalists want to own the world....every inch of land, every house, every person, every scrap of food, and every drop of water. They want it all, but they'll give you a cubicle to sleep in and bite to eat if you behave like a good little inmate in their depraved new world order.

This isn't hyperbole or fear porn. The globalists have made their plans well known in numerous books, videos, and transcripts of meetings. They don't hide it because they don't think we're smart enough or concerned enough to stop them. They think they can roll over us while we're distracted by television, video games, drugs, and the constant pressures of daily survival. And to a large degree, they're right.

Even those of us who are aware of what's happening have done very little to resist it. Sure, we post on social media, but thanks to the brutal censorship on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter (now 'X'), truth tellers have been pushed into the echo chambers of Gab, Brighteon Social, Truth Social, Gettr, Telegram, and CloutHub. Sharing news on these platforms is important. And there's immeasurable value in having a place to vent our thoughts when so many of our friends and family members don't want to hear anything that shakes their beliefs. But it's not enough to save the world.

We must do more.

We absolutely have to get the word out to more people...people who aren't on social media, for example. We have to warn the world that this time, the end really is near. We have to wake them from their comas or whatever hypnotic spell they've been placed under. Talk about the the climate change scam, or chemtrails, or CBDC's (central bank digital currency), or 15-minute cities, or censorship, or surveillance, or vaccine injuries. Don't try to be an expert on everything. Pick a topic that's really on fire for you and make it your mission to evangelize about it. You can ask your grocery store cashier if they've heard about CBDC's. Give him something to be curious about. Ask your hair stylist if she knows anyone dealing with a vaccine injury. Ask your neighbors if they know that thousands of scientists don't agree with the climate change narrative they see on the nightly news. Find something you're comfortable talking about and go for it. You don't have to be confrontational about it; often a soft approach is received better. The important thing is to stop being silent and to start conversations.

But there's even more you can do: print signs and hang them up on power poles or on community bulletin boards in stores and apartment complexes. Go door to door and leave flyers at homes in your neighborhood. Put a bumper sticker on your car. Wear a button with a message. Wear a printed ball cap. Pool your money with others and rent a billboard. Email your city's elected officials. Write your representatives in Congress. Sure, most of them are compromised and corrupt, but they still need to hear from us. 

It's vitally important that we get out from behind our computer screens and do what humans do best: socialize in person and discuss ideas. Facebook can't censor you when you're face to face with someone. And words have a greater impact when they come from a real person who is directly in front of you. And going "analog" has another benefit: Google can't hide 100 posters that you've hung up all over town. 

So what are you waiting for? Turn off your computer and go do something to save humanity. The clock is ticking.

Notes From Clown World: December 7, 2023

America's worst President in modern history, Joe Biden, seems to have a very high opinion of himself. Recently he said "We’ve got to get it done, not because of me. ... If Trump wasn’t running I’m not sure I’d be running. We cannot let him win.” His statement suggests he thinks that he's the only candidate who can defeat Donald Trump in 2024, despite Biden's incredibly low popularity. Few people like him, other than the most hardcore party loyalists and a handful of ignorant and indoctrinated liberals. Surely any functioning, breathing body the Democratic Party could list on the ballot would do as well or better than Biden. Yet it's possible he'll be the party's choice once again, because he serves a very valuable purpose: sleepy Joe is the manipulable face of the people who hide in the shadows and actually direct the show. These deep state sociopaths need a witless, immoral puppet to dance for them in the White House, and Biden happily plays along, probably because his mind is so far gone he doesn't realize what he's become. He thinks he's a hero. His handlers told him so. It will be up to the voters to prove him wrong and send him home.

[photo screenshot from WFMY 2]

The cancer centers of Cone Health in Greensboro NC have announced that beginning Thursday, face masks will be required to be worn by all patients and visitors due to a spike in respiratory "viruses". When I read about it on a local news station's website, my first thought wasn't that the hospital is being cautious. Instead I thought, "despite all the studies proving masks don't stop the spread of disease, why are they still mandating this nonsense?" And thinking further, it made me question the competence of a medical system that continues to embrace the discredited theory that viruses cause diseases, and that toxic injections called "vaccines" can protect us from viral infections. Should a hospital that still, to this day, promotes covid shots that have killed or injured millions of people worldwide, push masks upon us as if they care about our health? And what about the cancer treatments that the medical industrial complex insists we submit to? Surgery, radiation, and chemo medicines that originated from deadly mustard gas are the only things they offer. Natural treatments like B-17 and the Gerson therapy are discredited or hidden from us by a system that would rather drain our bank accounts than actually heal us.

If you're in a car accident, modern hospitals with their trauma centers can probably save your life. They're really good at putting people back together. But we need to take responsibility for our overall wellness and protect our health so that we never have to entrust our lives to people who believe in outdated science and dangerous drugs. 

The government has found a new way to spend your money: the Brightline electric high-speed rail line will connect Los Angeles to Las Vegas, but it will cost taxpayers an unknown figure way beyond its current funding of $3 billion by the time it's finished. Ongoing operating expenses will not likely be covered by rider fares, so this well-intentioned transportation project will suck up tax dollars for decades until common-sense prevails and the whole thing is shut down and left to rust. And why do we need high-speed rail to Vegas? If this is about sustainability, building an expensive rail line to a city in the desert that is itself unsustainable seems ill-advised, at best. Las Vegas already has issues with its water supply. (Building a mega-resort in a patch of hot sand probably wasn't a good idea.) And now that everyone is focused on the responsible use of resources and reducing CO2 emissions, Vegas' continued existence could soon be considered an extravagance that humanity can't afford. But for now no one seems worried about that. Could it be because the city is a huge profit center for the organized crime cartels that control the casinos and hotels? How much of those profits go to bribe politicians so they'll support senseless projects like this, projects struggling Americans neither want nor need?

Start With You.

nomad soul meme

"You want to resist the NWO? Start by resisting your own weaknesses, addictions, dysfunctions, laziness, and disempowering thoughts and beliefs. "Awakening" is not posting conspiracies online. It's you waking up to the power and potential you inherently possess and actualizing it." -- the nomad soul / @krysticmystic

Take Off Your Mask.

take off your face mask meme

It's been four years. Take off your mask. Or get some mental health counseling.

Masks didn't work in 2020 and they don't work now. But they do make you look like a psychologically broken person.

You're better than that, right?

Love Is The Greatest Power.

Love can't be described.
It has no shape, it has no form.
Love is not an object.
Love does not conform.

Love enters our lives
The moment we are born.
From the cradle to the grave,
Love's in everyone.

Love burns like a candle
That sometimes flickers but never dies.
Love may be invisible,
Although it's right before your eyes,

Love can leave you empty,
Love can make you whole.
Love can make or break you,
Love is in your soul.

Love is in your heart,
Love is in your mind.
Love doesn't discriminate,
Love is always blind.

Love is universal,
It encompasses the globe.
No matter where you are,
Love has a language all its own
Love is all around you.
There's plenty of love to spare.
You cannot see or touch it,
But love is everywhere.

Love's the greatest power,
And yet it is so small.
Love's a gift from God
To be shared amongst us all.

[John P. Read. "A Gift From God."]

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