Chemtrail Spraying Resumes In North Carolina.

After Tennessee outlawed geoengineering over their state, neighboring North Carolina got a break from endless spraying for a few weeks. We actually had blue skies with giant puffy clouds just like in the old days. But it didn't last long. On June 12, 2024, the sky filled up with unnatural streaks emanating from the rear of airplanes, and these streaks quickly expanded, turning the blue sky into a gray haze. Interestingly, in some of the photos, if you look at the white areas you can see gray objects which seem to move from image to image. I didn't see these until I looked at the photos later. These objects may just be artifacts from the camera, but I've taken photos of the sky before and nothing like this was visible. Camera issue? Or objects hiding in the clouds? I don't know, but I'll be looking more closely in the future as I take more photographs.

chemtrails over North Carolina


geoengineering over North Carolina

spraying the sky

airplane bioweapons

These images plus four more can be viewed in full size by downloading my public folder from IceDrive:


Bird Flu Is Just Another Psyop To Scare Us Into Giving Up Our Freedom.

Fear-mongering health officials doing the bidding of the global elites are working overtime to create the next pandemic. Even though COVID didn't fit any reasonable definition of a pandemic, most of the public doesn't know it. And they also don't know the next pandemic won't really be a pandemic either. All they'll know is what the lying news media tells them, amplified by workplace and social media gossip. They're going to hear scary stories such as the one about the guy in Mexico who, we're told, dropped dead from bird flu. They won't be told that the deceased had serious health conditions that were the real reason he was hospitalized. No one will ask why he was tested for H5N1, the "virus" blamed for bird flu, even though the deceased had no prior contact with animals. And they certainly won't be told that Mexican officials deny the World Health Organization's claims that the man's death was caused by bird flu. He actually died from kidney failure, but that's not frightening enough for us to accept the widespread culling of millions of chickens or entire herds of cows. They need an invisible, stealthy, and lethal enemy if we're to give up our freedom, meat-based protein, and bodily autonomy. Bird flu will do the job perfectly. Of course, just like with COVID, H5N1 hasn't been isolated and proven to cause any diseases, but with intense propaganda coupled to normal annual flu deaths, the illusion of another pandemic can be created.

Toby Rogers bird flu tweet

Mexican officials refute bird flu claims

Toby Rogers not doing bird flu

The question is: how many people will fall for it this time? Certainly not as many as in 2020. There's been a massive awakening in the past four years and skepticism of the medical industry is at an all-time high. We no longer blindly trust whatever someone in a white lab coat tells us. We ask questions. We want proof. But all the establishment can give us are lies and censorship of the truth. So keep your mind strong and be ready to fight off whatever fake news and fear they throw at us over the next few months. The attacks will be intense and non-stop. Many of our friends and family members will surrender and submit. It's up to the rest of us to push through and bring human society back to sanity. And then comes justice.

The Truth Of Your Existence.

man at prison wall

1: You were born in a cold prison. It is your country, your state.

2: You have to pay for your prison stay. They call these prison fees, "taxes".

3: You have no say in what will be done with the money, but you have to pay.

4: To pay the money you have to work. The prison encourages you to buy new shiny products so you feel better about your miserable existence.

5: You are not allowed to exit the prison.

6: Only a few prisoners have walked far enough to see the prison walls.

7: The prison gives you news and entertainment so you don't discover the prison walls.

8: The prison does not allow strong family bonds or strong brotherhood.

9: The prison you live in wants you weak, sick, and divided. Weak prisoners can't climb the walls.

10: The prison is mostly run by other prisoners. It will collapse if enough prisoners wake up to reality.

[source: Andrycha a.k.a. Ded Drycha]

Google Caught Interfering With Election Search Results.

Google spy

Here is proof that Google manipulates search results to sway elections. When searching on the term "Donate to trump", dozens of results are displayed, but none are what the searcher was looking for. The goal was to find a link to Trump's campaign page or at least a page where he could donate money to Trump's re-election efforts. But Google refused to cooperate.

To verify these results, I tried this search for myself. I didn't get the same suggestions, but I did get page after page of links to news sites about Trump's campaign finances. I was NOT shown a link to Trump's website or any other site where I could donate money. 

In my opinion this proves Google's bad intentions. On this blog, for years I've been warning about Google and how they pretend to be a for-profit private corporation while actually doing the bidding of the intelligence community and the deep state. Google exists to control your thinking and keep you within the acceptable lanes of travel, a role also assigned to all the corporate-owned news sites. Factual information and independent free thought are dangerous to totalitarian regimes, which is why government officials are always rattling on about "misinformation" while pushing for even more censorship than we've seen in the past four years. 

Evil hides in the shadows. And it seems that Google wants to keep us there as much as they possibly can.

For better options, check out my post "Comparing Eight Top Search Engines: Which Censors The Least?"

Do Not Comply.

man destroying surveillance camera

Do not comply with your own enslavement. Freedom requires action!

Freedom Is Achieved From Within.

freedom sign

"Freedom is achieved from within."


"This system is built on our imaginations; money has imaginary value, government has imaginary authority, and we have imaginary limits. If we want to change things, we must start with the imagination." -- Gavin Nascimento

resistance to tyranny

"Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God."

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