Biden's Attack On Gig Workers Is Really An Attack On Freedom.

White House resident Joe Biden just announced plans to regulate gig work and other types of contractor jobs. Biden wants to create new regulations that would strictly define what a contractor is and push most into traditional employment positions. Using the type of dishonesty that he's known for, Biden claims he wants to regulate contractors to protect them from being abused by the corporations that pay them to perform needed services. He also claims that contractors are being denied healthcare, overtime pay, and the right to join labor unions.  But what he fails to understand, or perhaps chooses to ignore, is that contractors typically don't want traditional jobs. They are the frontline of the self-employed, the on-ramp of entrepreneurship. Contractors want the independence to do what they want to do, when they want to do it. They don't want to punch a time clock or have their income potential limited by a boss who decides what they're worth. When contractors want more money, they find more work to do, and they do that work well if they expect to get assignments in the future. Although Biden portrays contractors as victims, the contractors see themselves as business owners, so threats of regulation are threats to their businesses.

So what's this really all about? There are several end-goals. Labor unions see contractors as threats to their power, so they've been lobbying Congress for a long time in back door attempts to destroy the contractor industry. And elected officials, especially the thieves in revenue departments, think that by eliminating as many contractors as possible they have a better chance of collecting taxes. They seem to be convinced that contractors cheat on paying taxes more often than employees, but they've provided no evidence of that. Biden's real agenda, in my opinion, is much more sinister. Remember the phrase "Build Back Better"?

"Build Back Better" was Joe Biden's campaign slogan, but it was also the slogan used by the World Economic Forum's puppet politicians around the world in 2020. It's the battle cry of the globalists who want to turn the world into a technocratic fascist prison enforced by surveillance cameras, digital ID's, pandemic and climate crisis lockdowns, CBDC (central bank digital currency), and censorship of all opinions the authorities don't approve of. They want to rule nations using a hybrid of Marxism and fascism on the front end and cold, immoral technology on the back end. In that system there's no place for creativity, independence, or entrepreneurship. Compliance and control will take their place.

And that's why they want to eliminate contractors. They need to bring everyone into the controlled, soul-killing world of routine employment. They want to be able to track everyone's location, activities, earnings, and expenditures. They want to make sure all income arrives by direct deposit which can later be transitioned into the CBDC monetary system. They want to be able to control us by cutting off our income if our social credit scores drop too low. They want us to be dependent on their system and have nowhere else to go to earn a living. They want obedient slaves, not people who can think on their own and create their own future.

Once the contractors have been reigned in and then crushed, next they'll go after the small businesses in cities around the world. After the small businesses are gone, they'll go after the statewide and regional businesses. And finally they'll take over anything that remains. The mega-investment firms like Blackrock, State Street, and Vanguard will rule the world, and everyone will work for them.

That's why it's important that contractors, including the Uber driver who brings you food from McDonald's, remain independent. If Biden and the technocratic globalists succeed in destroying the contractors, all other forms of independent and locally owned businesses will soon begin to fall.

Before you can Build Back Better, you must first burn everything to the ground. And Joe Biden is holding a match.

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