Get Off The Control Grid. Use Cash Every Day.

use cash every day

Get off the control grid. Use cash every day! Keeping cash in circulation and in use helps prevent CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) from becoming reality, and that protects your privacy and your right to spend your money however you please, wherever you please.

Digital Money = Slavery


Advice For Surviving The Banking Crisis.

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The recent failures of Silvergate, SVB (Silicon Valley Bank), and Signature Bank, plus the near-failures of First Republic and Credit Suisse came as no surprise to those of us who have been paying attention for the past few years. The global economic system is nothing but a gigantic Ponzi scheme built on a foundation of delusions. Its collapse isn't just possible; it's actually inevitable. Financial experts such as Robert Kiyosaki were warning us in 2020 that the dollar would soon be worthless and we should move our money out of the banks. Most people didn't listen. 

The Federal Reserve and other central banks have launched various damage control methods to try and prevent a contagion of bank runs and so far the general public has remained calm. But the recent bank failures have exposed how fragile the system is, and bank regulators are worried the slightest spark could ignite a panic that will bring down dozens if not hundreds of banks around the world. There's really no more time to waste to protect your money. History has shown us that the regulators will impose a "bank holiday" without warning if they suspect a major bank run is about to happen. If that happens, bank branches will be closed, online banking will be down, and ATM's won't work. You won't even be able to get your valuables out of your safe deposit boxes until the bank regulators let you back in, and that could take days, weeks, or even months if the situation is dire enough.

So what can you do to prepare? First let me make clear that I'm offering "security advice", not "investment advice". And so the first thing you need to do is to choose a stable, well-managed bank. Find a bank with a conservative management style. You want a banker who runs a tight operation and puts the safety of the depositor's first and foremost. You want this guy:

Avoid banks that put ESG (environmental, social, and governance) scores and DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion) goals ahead of good banking practices. When you go woke, you go broke. Also avoid the world's largest banks. Those are the ones that are working with the government to introduce CBDC's (central bank digital currencies) to replace our current financial system. You can learn about CBDC's in this post I uploaded in January.

Here is a chart showing the ten largest banks in the United States:


Financial expert Catherine Austin Fitts recommends you avoid banks that have a high percentage of uninsured deposits. These are deposits in excess of FDIC limits. The higher a bank's uninsured deposits, the higher their exposure to risk. SVB failed, in part, due to their very high percentage of uninsured deposits. 

Here is a chart showing the big banks with the highest uninsured deposit balances. And below it is a graph showing the same information but for the smaller, regional banks.

[source: / S&P Global Market Intelligence]


Banking local with people you know is always a smart choice. The Solari Report wrote an article explaining exactly how to do that. I strongly suggest you read it:

How To Find A Local Bank

CHD-TV's weekly show "Financial Rebellion" with Catherine Austin Fitts and Carolyn Betts recently had a discussion about the SVB failure and how we can protect ourselves by banking locally. I've linked to the video below:

Financial Rebellion on Children's Health Defense TV:

SVB Fallout + Who's Your Banker? March 16, 2023

Once you've gotten your bank sorted out, I suggest you keep a minimum amount on deposit. While the FDIC says they guarantee deposits up to $250,000, the agency doesn't have enough money on hand to protect every depositor in the event of a nationwide bank run. The Fed broke its own rules in the case of SVB and guaranteed all deposits, but Fed Chair Janet Yellen has already stated that they won't be doing that for every bank in the next crisis. There will be winners, and there will be losers. Make sure you're on the right side.

Keep cash on hand in your home or office, securely protected by fire-proof safes and alarm systems. Buy gold and silver. Buy guns and ammo and know how to use them. Additionally, ammo can be as good as cash during a collapsing economy. The same applies to food, first aid supplies, tools, and even liquor. Vodka has many uses beyond getting you drunk, and is a very tradeable commodity during a crisis. These are all things you can use as forms of currency if wake up one day and find none of your credit or debit cards are working and angry mobs are attacking the (closed) banks. And having a few months of food on hand will dramatically cut down your anxiety level when everyone else is losing their mind. Keeping your car's fuel tank full all the time is also wise.

And there you have it. Follow these fairly easy steps and help protect your finances from incompetent and corrupt bankers and the social unrest that will no doubt come after the next round of bank failures.

Video Shows How CBDC Will Work To Enslave You.

Pictured above: Video screenshot of Agustin Carstens, Head of the Bank for International Settlements.

Government tyrants, NGO madmen, and psychopaths of all shapes and sizes never seem to sleep. They're always conspiring to steal our money and our rights while conjuring up new ways to control us. One scheme that is especially dangerous is Central Bank Digital Currency, or CBDC. The bankers are selling CBDC as nothing more than a high tech version of a debit card, but their own statements have revealed it's far more than that. CBDC will replace debit cards and your cash. Any assets you have in a bank account will be seized and then converted into CBDC, which the central banks (not your local bank) will have total control over. Every financial transaction made anywhere in the world will be processed on one system, and all financial anonymity will end. Central banks and the governments they work with will be able to decide what you're allowed to buy and even where you're allowed to spend your money. And if they want to stimulate the economy, they'll be able to set expiration dates on your funds, meaning you'll have to spend it or have it taken away. Once CBDC becomes the new currency, cash will be outlawed, and CBDC will be the only way to survive unless you decide to leave mainstream society completely, shut out from shopping in stores, renting an apartment, or receiving medical care.

Central bank digital currency is a serious threat to humanity and will mark the beginning of the end of freedom. And even though you may not have heard of CBDC, central banks around the world have been working on it for several years and many nations are now right on the verge of rolling it out to the public. 

So that you're better informed and not caught off-guard, I urge you to watch the video below which explains in layman's terms what CBDC is, how it will work, and why you must fight back against it. The video has a United Kingdom focus but the information holds true for other nations where CBDC may soon appear, including the United States.

Please share this information with others so this banker's scheme can be exposed and stopped.

"Johnny's Cash And The Smart Money Nightmare" by Richard D Hall of RichPlanet TV.

The Banking System Explained In One Minute.

Banking all over the world is a corrupt, criminal system that only stays afloat by breaking laws, colluding with greedy politicians, and robbing taxpayers. As this video explains, if you and I did what the bankers do every day, we'd be in jail.

Lock up the bankers and the world would begin to heal.

Are Insurance Companies Expecting A National Disaster?

A confidential source forwarded this ad to me from an insurance inspector's professional association. Underwriter Services Association is "establishing a directory of insurance inspectors" who own RV's and are willing to set up base camps all over the nation. It appears the goal is to have inspectors strategically placed nationwide in advance of need. In normal situations insurance companies use inspectors who work in territories close to their permanent homes. In the event of a disaster such as a hurricane, FEMA will send in contracted inspectors to help in the claims process, but this happens after the disaster has happened. Anticipating a disaster and having inspectors already set up in base camps, or at least pre-screened and ready to roll, is very alarming. It suggests the insurance companies have information about a large event they think they need to prepare for now.

What could they be preparing for? Natural disasters? Riots? A mass casualty event? Maybe it's nothing but proactive risk management to calm the nerves of investors. But considering the current state of the nation I suspect some well-connected insurance company executives are trying to get in front of something big that the rest of us don't see coming.

Jobs For The Unvaccinated.

Are you a victim of the no jab/no job insanity? Has your employer announced a forced medical experiment policy that's making you anxious about the future? Don't despair! There's a growing number of resources being created to help you find employers who aren't mandating the jabs. Here are some of them. And as more become available I'll post them on my "Resources For The Resistance" page right here at and If you know of others I should include please send me an email. job board


No Vax Jabs Mandate job board on GAB

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