Medical Science Is Now A Tool Of Oppression.

fda warning about bird flu

Revving up the fear machine: the public is being conditioned to accept the next big disruption. I don't think a new human pandemic with lockdowns will happen, but I do think bird flu will be used as the excuse to wipe out our food supply and create social unrest, panicking, and possibly rioting & looting. This will give our Zionist overlords the excuse they need to impose martial law. But if bird flu doesn't scare enough people, maybe they'll try whooping cough. 

Oops, they already did.

news headlines about whooping cough

The whooping cough propaganda is obviously a ploy to frighten parents into conforming with insane childhood vaccine schedules that governments impose upon healthy kids. It's big money for Big Pharma, greedy doctors, and bribed politicians. As increasing numbers of informed parents back away from unsafe & ineffective jabs, the control system has to pull them back in, using whatever dishonest tactics they can dream up. Side effects? They'll be hidden for eternity, with any data leaks immediately labeled as "misinformation".

Since 2020 we've lived in a world of constant, endless warnings of diseases and constant, endless propaganda to convince us we need constant, endless injections of mystery chemicals to stay alive. We're now experiencing the early stages of the biosecurity state, where everyone is considered to be dirty and diseased and a threat to others. Fake health scares have become the norm, followed by oppressive countermeasures pulled straight out of the most dystopian sci-fi movies you've ever seen. Increasing numbers of doctors no longer believe that viruses cause communicable diseases, yet viruses remain the number one tool of fear and control. We know "social distancing" rules had no scientific basis, yet people still keep their distance from others as if an angry monkey was about to attack. Face masks have been debunked so many times I've lost count, yet at every mention of a "disease outbreak", weak-willed politicians start talking about bringing back mask mandates. And every medical condition short of toe fungus seems to have its own vaccine now.

The reasons are clear. Many people are horribly ignorant, knowing nothing but what's been fed to them by the social controllers running almost all news media companies. They fear illness and death and they're desperate to avoid them both. And tyrannical politicians take advantage of ignorance and fear to push an agenda of totalitarian control. The people who rule over us want us tagged, cataloged, and tracked from the cradle to the grave. They want us to be completely obedient and spiritually broken. They don't want us rising out of poverty. They want us to be dependent on them, unable and unwilling to rise up and threaten their authority.

Medical science is the easiest way to achieve all that. Frightful propaganda throws us into a panic, ready to accept whatever limits to our freedom the government demands. As we saw during the COVID psyop, many people will ignore what they see with their own eyes and shut off all critical thinking when the fear of death is imagined to be near. The propaganda was so effective during COVID that we saw scenes where a person would die in a vaccination center as soon as the needle was pulled out of an arm, and the people in line watching the death wouldn't even leave. They stayed in line, rolled up their sleeves, and pretended they didn't see anything. This is the kind of madness that politicians exploit to gain unlimited power and control.

In decades past, many lives have been saved by our medical system. But times have changed, and what used to heal us is now being used to enslave us. I urge you to not fall for the fear campaigns currently spreading across multiple news sites. The people writing them, or paying to have them written, don't have your best interests at heart. 

CO2 Is Life.

CO2 is life

"Plants absorb CO2 to produce oxygen. It's called photosynthesis. CO2 is life. CO2 carbon footprints, low emission zones, and 15 minute cities are fake science. Do not comply!"

Massive Chemtrail Spraying Over Winston-Salem

chemtrails Winston Salem

chemtrails North Carolina

chemtrails Forsyth county

Wednesday January 10, 2024 was a big day for spraying 'God knows what' over north central North Carolina, especially in the Winston-Salem area. Multiple aircraft could be seen discharging long plumes of white smoke which lingered for hours, eventually spreading out into clouds that completely covered up the formerly dark blue sky. We see this all the time: whenever the sky is clear, without clouds, the spraying begins. But what is being sprayed, and why? 

The fact that we're not being told is a good indication that whatever's happening isn't in our best interest. Keep looking up, and start asking questions. And encourage others to do the same.

Take Off Your Mask.

take off your face mask meme

It's been four years. Take off your mask. Or get some mental health counseling.

Masks didn't work in 2020 and they don't work now. But they do make you look like a psychologically broken person.

You're better than that, right?

Our Modern Healthcare System Is Failing Us.

Many years ago, medical treatments that today would be called "alternative" or "natural" medicine were almost totally wiped out by allopathic medicine, the method of care strongly promoted by the profiteers in the Rockefeller family. The Rockefeller's wanted a new way to make money on top of the fortunes they'd made in the oil business. They decided to take over healthcare. They created new kinds of treatments that they could patent and manufacture. They convinced medical schools to train future generations of doctors in allopathic medicine. It was the only way forward, and the ways of the past became quackery. In many states the Rockefeller's were able to have natural medicine outlawed completely, and in others they relied on the news media to steer the public to the new "standard of care". 

But I'm not writing this to give you a history lesson. 

I'm writing this because the failure of Rockefeller's "modern" healthcare system is currently affecting my own family, and seeing it close up compelled me to speak up.

My father's second wife, my stepmother, has battled diabetes almost all of her life. Diabetes is a chronic condition that can affect other organs in the body and create all kinds of additional health issues. Left untreated, it can kill you. It can also kill you if your doctor doesn't know what he's doing and insists on using ineffective protocols developed by the modern allopathic system. For example, many alternative doctors insist that diabetes can be easily cured without a lifetime of insulin shots. But allopathic doctors know nothing about this and won't even educate themselves on the possibilities. Because of this, my stepmother has taken insulin for decades, and this has resulted in cirrhosis of the liver. So now she has a serious liver disease on top of her diabetes which is becoming more and more difficult to keep under control. This same allopathic healthcare system, largely controlled by Big Pharma, also gave her at least two doses of the untested and unsafe COVID vaccines. This, in my opinion based on known side effects of the vaccines, caused a large blood clot to form in her intestine, which required emergency surgery. Despite the surgery, her health continued to decline as she was moved from one hospital to another by doctors who didn't know what else to do. Yesterday, the doctors essentially gave up and sent her to hospice to await death.

At no point did they recommend alternative treatments. All they did was stick to the approved standard of care, the narrow set of rules created by medical boards, which are also controlled by Big Pharma, because they likely feared losing their medical licenses if they dared to put the patient's well-being above their own job security.

My stepmother suffered a lifetime of doctor's visits, hospital stays, blood tests, insulin shots, and quite a bit of anxiety and fear, all because our modern healthcare system failed her. It convinced her that only allopathic doctors, the magicians in white lab coats, could manage her health. These magicians were convinced that medical school had taught them all they needed to know, and no other ways were worth their time. They abused my stepmother with their ignorant ways and took as much money from her as they could using the false promise they could make her better. 

And when none of it worked and they knew of nothing else to do, they wrote her off as a lost cause and shipped her off to hospice, never admitting any fault. But they have nothing to fear, as an endless supply of new patients are coming down the line, ready to be tested, probed, medicated, cut, radiated, and eventually, also discarded to end-of-life care, pumped full of morphine and waiting for God.

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