Do You Know What's In A Vaccine?

what's in a vaccine?

toxic vaccine ingredients

dangerous vaccine ingredients

Here are some ingredients commonly found in vaccines: aborted fetal cells, aluminum, animal parts, mercury, E. coli, Polysorbate 20, Polysorbate 80, spermicide, EDTA,  insect cells, latex, pig blood, Sorbitol, detergent, Beta-Propiolactone, monkey kidney cells, genetically modified yeast, glutaraldehyde, barium, formaldehyde, soy, monosodium glutamate, Tri(n) Butylphosphate, antibiotics, animal & bacterial DNA, antifreeze, plus a mixture of proprietary ingredients that Big Pharma isn't required to tell you about since they're protected as "trade secrets". 

Do any of these ingredients belong in injections we're told are "safe and effective"? No, they don't. But then, there are NO safe vaccines, and the effectiveness of any of them is questionable at best.

To find more information and resources on vaccine risks, go to

Biased Poll Tries To Prop Up The Medical Industrial Complex.

"70% of doctors say COVID misinformation has negatively impacted patients' health" screams the headline on an article published at 'The Hill' news site and republished nationwide on Nexstar's network of local news stations. The headline stank of fascist propaganda, so I read further. 

"More than 80 percent of physicians polled said that there is a problem with misinformation when it comes to both COVID-19 vaccines and COVID-19 treatments. The physicians polled largely agreed on the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines, with more than 90 percent saying that the vaccines are safe and effective."

Since we now know from multiple credible sources that the COVID vaccines are neither safe nor effective, I had to wonder what was going on with this story and the poll that led to it. In addition to trying to boost the reputation of the jabs and slander the doctors who oppose them, the article also made the false claim that Ivermectin is "untested".

So where did this poll come from? It was conducted by Morning Consult on behalf of the de Beaumont Foundation. I had never heard of the de Beaumont Foundation so I did a little digging. The foundation's mission statement says: "Our mission is to advance policy, build partnerships, and strengthen public health to create communities where people can achieve their best possible health." That's rather vague and the rest of their "About Us" page is equally unrevealing. But looking at the overall site I got the impression that the foundation is a left-leaning, big government, big pharma organization that exists to push official narratives and turn them into government policies. Their leftist roots are hinted at in the bio for foundation President & CEO Brian C. Castrucci, who, in June of 2022 wrote an article entitled "In Virginia, a Reminder of the Threats to Anti-Racism Efforts". The article is just another typical Marxist rant about systemic racism and white privilege. Castrucci writes: "Any white person — I am one — must accept that even if we don’t believe ourselves to be racist, the system is. We must admit the reality of white privilege — that while all people have struggles, the color of our skin was not a burden we’ve had to overcome." 

It's easy, and wise, to ignore Castrucci and the foundation he leads. But the claims made in the poll need to be discussed. 

First, based on the tone of the de Beaumont Foundation's website, it seems obvious that any poll they finance is likely being done to advance an agenda, in this case, advancing big pharma and the entire Rockefeller-influenced medical system. I question how their pollsters found so many doctors who still claim the COVID vaccines are safe and effective when the most conservative data we have from the CDC shows there have been 34,819 deaths and almost 195,000 hospitalizations as a result of the jabs. Many say the data is under-reported and the real numbers could be 10 times higher. Medical professionals all over the world know this, except miraculously the ones polled by Morning Consult. 

And I've heard interviews with many doctors of various specialties and they all admitted that they received almost no training in vaccines while in medical school except they were told that vaccines are safe and they need to promote them. Doctors don't know what they're injecting into people and the scientific data they have comes from the same pharmaceutical companies that profit from vaccine sales. So how can doctors say they're "safe and effective" when they really don't know much about them?

Another part of the poll said that "misinformation is also a problem in the area of dietary supplements". But as with vaccines, doctors receive virtually no training on nutrition and dietary supplements while in medical school. If they know anything, they learned it on their own. The medical industrial complex doesn't want us healthy; they want us to be regular, repeat customers for life. And they want us to be propagandized into thinking vaccines and ongoing monthly doses of prescription drugs are what we need to avoid horrible diseases and an early death. 

Polls such as the one by Morning Consult and the de Beaumont Foundation are part of the propaganda the industry needs to keep profits growing while also promoting the agenda of government intervention and socialist healthcare. 

Critical thinkers will avoid these suspicious polls and seek the truth by doing their own research. Unfortunately most people aren't critical thinkers and are easily led astray by skilled manipulators using the news media to spread what is truly "misinformation".

What's In A Vaccine? Did Your Doctor Tell You?

The toxic ingredients listed in the chart above are either currently being used in vaccines or have been used in vaccines you've probably received in the past. Did your doctor, nurse, or pharmacist give you this information before you agreed to be jabbed?

And do any of these ingredients look like they belong in any living thing, animal or human?

Before you get another one, remember that there are NO safe vaccines. Some are a little less dangerous than others, but all of them have risks that you should be informed about in advance. "Informed Consent" isn't just an's a legal requirement that all healthcare professionals must comply with.  

Learn more here: The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons

Albert Bourla Doesn't Care About You.

Why take a vaccine made by one of the most criminal companies in the world run by a man with no concern for humanity? Profits and power are all that matter to Pfizer and its shareholders. Your good health is not their concern. But keeping you chronically ill and dependent upon their poisonous potions would certainly make them smile.

Don't be a victim of companies that put profits ahead of people. Learn more about Pfizer's criminal activities:

Justice Department Announces Largest Health Care Fraud Settlement in Its History.

Pfizer Agrees to Pay $23.85 Million to Resolve False Claims Act Liability for Paying Kickbacks.

Pfizer Pays Out To Nigerian Families Of Meningitis Drug Trial Victims.

Pfizer Whistleblower Reveals Why She Finally Decided to Come Forward.

Excessive Pricing And Sham Patent Litigation: The Pfizer And AbbVie Decisions.

Trust The Science?

Climate change is being used by the predator class and the governments they control in a deceitful effort to transform the world into a technocratic, totalitarian prison. They've been trying to scare us with forecasts of extreme weather for many decades. But in the 1970's they were warning of a coming ice age. 

What happened? Where's the ice? Why aren't we frozen?

The narrative changed a few decades later and the ice age turned into global warming. When global warming proved to be based on incomplete science, the narrative changed once again to climate change, a term that can be used to describe anything the predators want it to describe: hot, cold, floods, droughts...anything.

And people are believing them. Share the image above and expose the deception.

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