The System Doesn't Like The Truth.

fact checkers

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Fact checkers didn't exist until the truth started getting out.

Never Forget How They Lied To Us.

Rabbi spreading vaccine propaganda

During the COVID plandemic, health authorities around the world lied to the public in an effort to intimidate us into getting vaccinated. They used who they felt were trusted members of the community to nudge, coerce, or scare us into compliance with vaccination mandates, despite stacks of evidence proving the jabs were dangerous and even deadly. 

We must never forget how they lied to us. And we must never forget the victims.

Hypnotized Into Ignorance.

phone zombies

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Zombies receiving their programming and a manufactured reality while surrounded by the real world. Will they wake up? Will they look up?

The Situation Isn't Hopeless.

propaganda meme\

"If the situation was hopeless, their propaganda would be unnecessary."

The Most Disturbing Video You Will Watch Today.

In 2022, a recruitment video surfaced from the 4th PSYOP Group of the US Army, leaving anyone who viewed it incredibly disturbed. It features creepy music with a montage of unsettling political events. The screen text reads "All the world's a stage", and "We are everywhere", while showing empty movie theater seats. The video seems to be bragging about the US Army's ability to control what we see, hear, and think, as well as its ability to change world events.

"Have you ever wondered who's pulling the strings? You'll find us in the shadows. At the tip of the spear. Warfare is evolving, and all the world's a stage. Anything we touch is a weapon. We can deceive, persuade, change, influence, inspire. We come in many forms. We are everywhere."

Although "Ghosts In The Machine" is a recruitment video for soldiers who want to influence international politics, it's no stretch of the imagination to see how these same tactics could be used, and probably have been used, against the citizens of the United States, if not by the US Army then almost certainly by elements of the Department of Homeland Security. The deep state sees us as a threat just as formidable as Russia, the Taliban, or the CCP of China, if not more so, and that means they propagandize, manipulate, and attempt to control us everyday, everywhere. It's a form of domestic terrorism that most people aren't aware even exists.

Who's pulling the strings? No one with our best interests at heart. 

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