Belgian Farmers Are Fighting Tyranny.

In these scenes from Brussels, Belgium, farmers continue their resistance to European Union tyranny.

The farmers demonstrate how to handle illegitimate authority figures:

No farmers, no food. Support the rights of farmers to produce food on their land. To get the quick story on why the farmers are upset, read this fairly impartial report at Time magazine: What to Know About the Farmer Protests in Europe.

This Is Psychological Warfare.

quote on psychological warfare

"You do realize...they are trying to mentally exhaust you and break you down. So when they attempt their next step in their plan... you just give up and fold and comply.

They think because you're tired and sick of arguing and just want shit to go back to normal you'll start giving up your freedoms.

I was not kidding when I said this is PSYCHOLOGICAL warfare.

It is NOT for the weak.

Wake Up & Do Something To Save Humanity.

sleeping man

If you could visualize the end of human civilization as a clock, with midnight being our final moment, it's now 11:30 pm. Life as we have known it will soon be over, replaced by a technocratic totalitarian global prison that we may never escape from. Freedoms we've taken for granted will be gone: free speech, freedom of travel, freedom to better ourselves, freedom to live where we choose, and even freedom of thought are disappearing right now and those freedoms will vanish completely, very soon, if we don't wake up and do something to stop it.

We're running out of time.

Wealthy globalists want to own the world....every inch of land, every house, every person, every scrap of food, and every drop of water. They want it all, but they'll give you a cubicle to sleep in and bite to eat if you behave like a good little inmate in their depraved new world order.

This isn't hyperbole or fear porn. The globalists have made their plans well known in numerous books, videos, and transcripts of meetings. They don't hide it because they don't think we're smart enough or concerned enough to stop them. They think they can roll over us while we're distracted by television, video games, drugs, and the constant pressures of daily survival. And to a large degree, they're right.

Even those of us who are aware of what's happening have done very little to resist it. Sure, we post on social media, but thanks to the brutal censorship on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter (now 'X'), truth tellers have been pushed into the echo chambers of Gab, Brighteon Social, Truth Social, Gettr, Telegram, and CloutHub. Sharing news on these platforms is important. And there's immeasurable value in having a place to vent our thoughts when so many of our friends and family members don't want to hear anything that shakes their beliefs. But it's not enough to save the world.

We must do more.

We absolutely have to get the word out to more people...people who aren't on social media, for example. We have to warn the world that this time, the end really is near. We have to wake them from their comas or whatever hypnotic spell they've been placed under. Talk about the the climate change scam, or chemtrails, or CBDC's (central bank digital currency), or 15-minute cities, or censorship, or surveillance, or vaccine injuries. Don't try to be an expert on everything. Pick a topic that's really on fire for you and make it your mission to evangelize about it. You can ask your grocery store cashier if they've heard about CBDC's. Give him something to be curious about. Ask your hair stylist if she knows anyone dealing with a vaccine injury. Ask your neighbors if they know that thousands of scientists don't agree with the climate change narrative they see on the nightly news. Ask your car mechanic if he's heard of United Nations Agenda 2030. Find something you're comfortable talking about and go for it. You don't have to be confrontational about it; often a soft approach is received better. The important thing is to stop being silent and to start conversations.

But there's even more you can do: print signs and hang them up on power poles or on community bulletin boards in stores and apartment complexes. Go door to door and leave flyers at homes in your neighborhood. Put a bumper sticker on your car. Wear a button with a message. Wear a printed ball cap. Pool your money with others and rent a billboard. Email your city's elected officials. Write your representatives in Congress. Sure, most of them are compromised and corrupt, but they still need to hear from us. 

It's vitally important that we get out from behind our computer screens and do what humans do best: socialize in person and discuss ideas. Facebook can't censor you when you're face to face with someone. And words have a greater impact when they come from a real person who is directly in front of you. And going "analog" has another benefit: Google can't hide 100 posters that you've hung up all over town. 

So what are you waiting for? Turn off your computer and go do something to save humanity. The clock is ticking.

Start With You.

nomad soul meme

"You want to resist the NWO? Start by resisting your own weaknesses, addictions, dysfunctions, laziness, and disempowering thoughts and beliefs. "Awakening" is not posting conspiracies online. It's you waking up to the power and potential you inherently possess and actualizing it." -- the nomad soul / @krysticmystic

Push Back!

Solari Push Back

You Cannot Comply Your Way Out Of A Tyranny.

MEP Christine Anderson

MEP (Member of the European Parliament) Christine Anderson issues a wake-up call: “You cannot comply your way out of a tyranny”. 

“In the entire history of mankind, there has never been a political elite concerned about the well-being of regular people, and it isn’t any different now,” she stressed.

“You cannot comply your way out of a tyranny. It is impossible. Trying to do so, you will only feed a gigantic alligator in the hopes of being eaten last. But guess what? Your turn will come.”

“Speak up! ... stop complying — start rebelling,” she urged. “In order to deal with this unfree world, to defy this unfree world, I have decided to become so absolutely free that my very existence is an act of rebellion. And that’s what we all need to do.”

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