Slavery Never Ended. It Evolved To Include All Of Us.

modern day slavery

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Here's another great graphic from The Light Paper UK. The left half shows the ten ways we've been covertly enslaved in the past, and didn't notice. They include: voting, legislation, the economy, licenses, state power, school training, injustices, taxes, hypocrisy, and deception. The right half shows the ways they plan to tighten their grip on us, making escape nearly impossible: carbon (CO2) footprint, travel allowances, energy usage, city limit violations (so-called 15 minute cities), vaccine & medical status, and work performance. They don't mention it, but a key component of slavery in the future will be CBDC's, or "Central Bank Digital Currencies", which will eventually replace physical forms of payment. CBDC's are programmable digital coupons that will be issued instead of the money we use today. They'll be tied to your social credit score (which includes everything on the right half of the graphic above), giving the government the ability to restrict what you're able to buy, where you're able to buy it, and how much wealth you're able to accumulate, since CBDC's will have expiration dates. Spend it or lose it.

The new digital slavery will likely also include a "snitch" component, allowing the government to reward people who report violations of an ever-growing number of laws or even social transgressions. You would never be able to trust anyone again, for fear of being turned in and punished.

We're living in an inhuman system created by people who hate humanity, who intend to finish the job of turning the world into a totalitarian police state with a feudalistic economy, enforced by robotics and digital technology. 

Our children may never experience anything resembling freedom, hope, or joy. We must create a better future for them. 

Notes From Clown World: June 23, 2024.

bill nye

Bill Nye, not a science guy, was on ABC’s “This Week” to discuss the recent hot weather, also known as "summer". Nye told the (hopefully small) audience: 

“It’s the beginning of the new normal, with respect. So the latest — the latest research is that there’s not a turning point or a tipping point or a knee in the curve. It’s just going to get hotter and hotter and worse and worse and more and more extreme. So this is a taste of the normal of the future unless we, humankind, get to work and address it."

How should we address it, Bill? Will massive carbon taxes that benefit the super-wealthy do the trick? Will locking people inside 15-minute cities and restricting access to travel, food, water, electricity, and fuel solve our problems? Or should we just go back in time and enjoy the austere lifestyle of the pre-industrial era? Maybe what we should be doing is questioning if there is a real problem at all. Despite the climate-change cult's claims about the weather, the truth is that reasonably accurate temperature records only go back just over 100 years. That's not long enough for anyone to make definitive claims about what is happening now or what will happen next. And even if temperatures are rising, many (honest) climate scientists say human activity can't affect it in any significant way. If humans ARE responsible for climate change, I'd suspect government experiments like H.A.A.R.P. and flight-based geoengineering are doing far more harm than your neighbor's old Dodge Dart that he refuses to get rid of. Elon Musk's rockets and the Pentagon's endless wars probably aren't very healthy, either.

And why isn't Nye talking about the Grand Solar Minimum that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is predicting will begin in 2030? This will be a decade of no sunspots, an event has not occurred in as long as humanity has been counting sunspots. The few scientists who are willing to talk about it say we'll be experiencing extreme global cooling which could even be a mini ice age. Crops won't grow, people will die of famine, and governments will collapse. That certainly sounds like a greater threat to humanity than anything the climate-change cult is screaming about.

Bill Nye is free to say what he wants. But I'm free to tell you he's not a meteorologist and therefore shouldn't be trusted as a reliable source on a subject as 'heated' as climate change. His training is as a mechanical engineer but he's spent most of his life as a comedian and a television presenter. Nye is a lifetime left-leaning Democrat and he limits his carbon footprint by only owning two homes. [source: Wikipedia]

news coverage about bird flu

The global deep state continues to pump out fear-porn about "bird flu". Now they're claiming the mythical virus has jumped to cats, and the occasional dog. The first question anyone should ask is, "why are they testing cats for bird flu?". The answer is that the more tests they give, using the same discredited PCR tests that artificially fueled the COVID pandemic psyop, the more "cases" they can claim to have found. Then the mind-control news media can talk about the cases and transmit fear and anxiety to an audience that should know by now that the media can't be trusted. Once the public is sufficiently frightened, politicians and health officials with control issues will begin issuing mandates that will strip us of our freedom while doing nothing for our health. And we can't ignore that these same madmen are already murdering millions of animals based on that same PCR test, so expect meat prices to soon rise dramatically, before food disappears completely from your grocer's shelves. We're facing hard times, unless we stop sitting on our hands and actually do something to save ourselves. Maybe it's time to form militia's that are willing to stand up to the armed government thugs who are destroying our food. If not now, when?

2024 presidential debate

And my last story of the day: the first presidential debate of 2024 is coming up. Unfortunately, the uniparty is blocking independent candidate Robert F Kennedy Jr from participating. Debate host CNN, working in collusion with both the Biden and the Trump campaigns, created artificially strict qualifications that had to be met before a candidate could be on the stage, qualifications that Biden and Trump automatically met but no one else could. Once assured of his exclusion, the misinformation media loudly announced that RFK Jr failed to qualify, without explaining how corrupt the process had been or making any mention of how keeping him out of the debate harms our democratic process. Neither Biden nor Trump spoke up in defense of Kennedy, probably because they know he's the smartest of the three and would make the uniparty candidates look like the establishment fools that they are.

This pathetic attempt to silence RFK Jr only serves to prove how corrupt our political system has become. Although I haven't endorsed any candidate yet, here's the link to Kennedy's campaign site. Unlike CNN and the uniparty, I think everyone should have the chance to hear from other candidates so you can at least make an informed decision. 

Kennedy24 website

Chemtrail Spraying Resumes In North Carolina.

After Tennessee outlawed geoengineering over their state, neighboring North Carolina got a break from endless spraying for a few weeks. We actually had blue skies with giant puffy clouds just like in the old days. But it didn't last long. On June 12, 2024, the sky filled up with unnatural streaks emanating from the rear of airplanes, and these streaks quickly expanded, turning the blue sky into a gray haze. Interestingly, in some of the photos, if you look at the white areas you can see gray objects which seem to move from image to image. I didn't see these until I looked at the photos later. These objects may just be artifacts from the camera, but I've taken photos of the sky before and nothing like this was visible. Camera issue? Or objects hiding in the clouds? I don't know, but I'll be looking more closely in the future as I take more photographs.

chemtrails over North Carolina


geoengineering over North Carolina

spraying the sky

airplane bioweapons

These images plus four more can be viewed in full size by downloading my public folder from IceDrive:


Digital ID Laws Will Destroy Your Privacy & Freedom.

This tweet from Iceland resident Leon Hill vividly describes what it's like to live in a nation with digital ID's. Although having a single, government-approved form of identification may seem safe and convenient, Hill makes it clear that convenience comes with a heavy price: the complete elimination of your privacy, where anyone can find out anything about your life. Your ability to rent an apartment, buy a home, have a bank account, and receive medical care all revolve around your digital ID. Any life choice you make that gets linked to your ID number can be viewed by the police without a warrant. You'll never know who is watching you, or why. Of all the challenges facing humanity today, digital ID's have to be at the top of the stack. Without them, the rest of the totalitarian control grid can't be built. Stand up and fight back...we're running out of time.

Leon Hill digital ID tweet 1

Leon Hill digital ID tweet 2

Leon Hill digital ID tweet 3

Transcript of images:

"Australia just passed its Digital Identity Bill into law. I'm Australian, but live in Iceland: a county that already has an all-encompassing digital ID system. If you're wondering how Australia's new system will play out, I'll tell you here.

And also, how Australians who don't want a digital ID can attempt to protect least for a short while. 

In Iceland, the digital ID system is linked to each person's kennitala, or social security number. I sign into everything with my electronic ID (rafraen skilriki) via my phone. Any time I access my bank account, phone services, accounting, tax, insurance, credit score, manage my assets (car/house), power bill, medical record, when I vote, or even want to pull up a store receipt of something I've bought, it's all linked to my digital ID.

Everything in one place. Everything.

You cannot NOT have a digital ID to live in Iceland. It's impossible. You can't get power turned on, get a phone number, buy or register a car, rent or buy a house, or even buy certain items without having a kennitala or digital ID. You need one. This has its benefits (it makes life more streamlined when you're trying to do something in daily life), but it also means there is no privacy at all in Iceland. Anyone can look up where I live. The license plate of my car. How much tax I paid last year. My phone number. You name it. It's public and available - and all you need is my kennitala to find it all out.

But the government has access to more.

The Icelandic government and tax office has access to my bank accounts and knows every transaction I make, what I spend, and what I earn. They don't need a warrant, or anything else to access it - it's theirs. They just need probable cause to look at it.

Australians, this is what's coming for you. Over the coming years, the government will make it impossible to opt out of the digital ID system. You'll need one for everything. And most importantly, they'll coerce Australians into adopting it by creating laws that link it to the most important thing you need to survive in today's modern world: your bank account.

They'll do it on the grounds of anti-money laundering and financial safety. The gov't will enforce laws onto banks (among the many ID and verification laws already mandated on banks) that if you don't have the digital ID, you won't be able to open, keep, or use a bank account. If you refuse, you'll effectively be locked out of society. Because in today's modern world, you need access to banking services to survive.

Banking will be first. Then everything else in society will be linked to your digital ID.

Nothing will ever again be private. Just like in Iceland today, the government will know everything. Always. Forever.

New Documentary Exposes The Frightening Agenda Of Klaus Schwab.

Filmmaker Richard Jeffs has put together a great documentary that exposes Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Forum, and the global plans for a "great reset". Although similar films have been made before, this one brings together all the seemingly unrelated elements of Schwab's plan and shows us how they all lead to one place: communism. Or I should say, communism engineered by sociopaths and enforced by constant surveillance and artificial intelligence. A hellish world where the top 1/2 of one percent own everything, and the rest of us get crumbs, but only if we behave and obey the elites.

I highly recommend you watch 'Stakeholder Communism' and let it connect the dots about the frightening future heading our way, unless we rise up and stop it now.

You can watch it here, but if you prefer to see it on the Rumble site, here's the link: Stakeholder Communism

Medical Science Is Now A Tool Of Oppression.

fda warning about bird flu

Revving up the fear machine: the public is being conditioned to accept the next big disruption. I don't think a new human pandemic with lockdowns will happen, but I do think bird flu will be used as the excuse to wipe out our food supply and create social unrest, panicking, and possibly rioting & looting. This will give our Zionist overlords the excuse they need to impose martial law. But if bird flu doesn't scare enough people, maybe they'll try whooping cough. 

Oops, they already did.

news headlines about whooping cough

The whooping cough propaganda is obviously a ploy to frighten parents into conforming with insane childhood vaccine schedules that governments impose upon healthy kids. It's big money for Big Pharma, greedy doctors, and bribed politicians. As increasing numbers of informed parents back away from unsafe & ineffective jabs, the control system has to pull them back in, using whatever dishonest tactics they can dream up. Side effects? They'll be hidden for eternity, with any data leaks immediately labeled as "misinformation".

Since 2020 we've lived in a world of constant, endless warnings of diseases and constant, endless propaganda to convince us we need constant, endless injections of mystery chemicals to stay alive. We're now experiencing the early stages of the biosecurity state, where everyone is considered to be dirty and diseased and a threat to others. Fake health scares have become the norm, followed by oppressive countermeasures pulled straight out of the most dystopian sci-fi movies you've ever seen. Increasing numbers of doctors no longer believe that viruses cause communicable diseases, yet viruses remain the number one tool of fear and control. We know "social distancing" rules had no scientific basis, yet people still keep their distance from others as if an angry monkey was about to attack. Face masks have been debunked so many times I've lost count, yet at every mention of a "disease outbreak", weak-willed politicians start talking about bringing back mask mandates. And every medical condition short of toe fungus seems to have its own vaccine now.

The reasons are clear. Many people are horribly ignorant, knowing nothing but what's been fed to them by the social controllers running almost all news media companies. They fear illness and death and they're desperate to avoid them both. And tyrannical politicians take advantage of ignorance and fear to push an agenda of totalitarian control. The people who rule over us want us tagged, cataloged, and tracked from the cradle to the grave. They want us to be completely obedient and spiritually broken. They don't want us rising out of poverty. They want us to be dependent on them, unable and unwilling to rise up and threaten their authority.

Medical science is the easiest way to achieve all that. Frightful propaganda throws us into a panic, ready to accept whatever limits to our freedom the government demands. As we saw during the COVID psyop, many people will ignore what they see with their own eyes and shut off all critical thinking when the fear of death is imagined to be near. The propaganda was so effective during COVID that we saw scenes where a person would die in a vaccination center as soon as the needle was pulled out of an arm, and the people in line watching the death wouldn't even leave. They stayed in line, rolled up their sleeves, and pretended they didn't see anything. This is the kind of madness that politicians exploit to gain unlimited power and control.

In decades past, many lives have been saved by our medical system. But times have changed, and what used to heal us is now being used to enslave us. I urge you to not fall for the fear campaigns currently spreading across multiple news sites. The people writing them, or paying to have them written, don't have your best interests at heart. 

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