The Plan: From COVID-19 to Technocracy.

technocratic robot zombies

Using a compilation of video clips, Ryan Cristian of The Last American Vagabond shows us what the so-called "elites" have planned for all of us, by taking advantage of the COVID psyop to transform humanity into digitally controlled zombies.

If they succeed, your thoughts will no longer be your own, and your life will be constantly monitored and manipulated to suit the whims of the technocrats and the wealthy families who finance them.

How Democracy Works In The New World Order.

police in France

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In the New World Order, democracy is nothing but the illusion that the people have a say in who runs the government and how government actions affect their lives. But in reality, our voices aren't heard over the demands of the international bankers, industrialists, and NGO's. We're just here to work and pay taxes. Keep your opinions to yourself. And if you step out of line, expect a police baton to be swung down on your head.

But keep protesting. Keep making noise. Dare them to be brutal and film every second of it. And then show the world what will happen to all of us if we comply with continue to comply with New World Order fascist madness.

Video below: Protesters in France are beaten by the police. Some say that Macron's government is using NATO military forces in police uniforms to terrorize the protesters.

Train Derailments: Your Town Could Be Next.

Train derailments seem to be in the news every day lately. While minor incidents may be common, derailments involving hazardous materials spilling into the environment have been on the rise in 2023. Norfolk Southern's catastrophe in East Palestine, OH created worldwide concern and people began asking questions about what has gone wrong with America's rail infrastructure. 

Since we're in a "color revolution" with radical leftists attempting to disrupt society and push us closer to Communism, many have wondered if the derailments are the result of sabotage. But another angle being presented is that consolidation of the industry has caused profits to be placed ahead of safety. I'm sure that's a contributing factor but considering all the other attacks we've seen to our food production facilities and supply chain, in my opinion foul play cannot be ruled out and must be investigated immediately.

But something that ties the color revolution to corporate greed is the list of investment bankers that own Norfolk Southern, the rail company involved in some of the biggest accidents. You'll see the usual list of bankers that you find pushing globalist agendas and "woke" mentality: Vanguard, Blackrock, JP Morgan Chase, and State Street. It seems these shady characters are at the scene of every event that victimizes Americans. 

The other large rail companies operating in the United States are BNSF (Burlington Northern and Santa Fe), CSX, and Union Pacific. BNSF is owned by Berkshire Hathaway (Warren Buffet), a company known for cutting costs to the bone. Warren Buffet is a major funder of eugenics programs and abortions plus many other left-leaning causes, and he works closely with Bill Gates and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

CSX is publicly traded but currently the three largest shareholders are Vanguard, Blackrock, and State Street, the same companies that own the largest shares of Norfolk Southern.

Union Pacific is also publicly traded. Can you guess who its largest shareholders are? Would you believe its Vanguard, Blackrock, and State Street?

America's rail network is almost entirely controlled by three investment banking companies and an elderly tightwad who funds a death agenda.  This can't be good for national security.

So is it corporate greed or intentional sabotage? At the moment it looks like a little of both. 

Heads up: this video was produced by More Perfect Union, a left-leaning pro-union organization, and while the video appears to be factual and presents a solid explanation for derailments, the producers do seem to have an anti-capitalist agenda. 

Emergency Alert: You Are Living Under Tyranny.

Emergency Alert! We've fucked the economy, massacred your elderly, poisoned you with killer jabs, flooded you with illegal invaders, destroyed your livelihoods and your kid's futures.


Notes From Clown World: March 15, 2023.

The Chaos Is Intentional.

With everything that is going on in the world today, it's easy to become overwhelmed and not connect the dots. Wars, diseases, vaccine injuries, government tyranny & corruption, trans madness, and banking meltdowns are in the news every day now, it seems. It looks like everyone is going crazy, and perhaps we are. But it's not happening naturally. It's all being engineered, quite intentionally, by the international bankers and the globalists they control. Out of chaos comes order, but in this case the order is the New World Order. Their plan is simple but evil: divide us in every possible way so that we begin fighting among ourselves, and while we're distracted they're taking over governments, infiltrating media outlets, weakening churches, destroying the economy, and turning schools into indoctrination centers. Everything we used to trust is being turned inside out. Society is being set up to collapse. They want things to fail. They want us angry. They like it when our protests turn violent. And when things get really bad and we begin to lose all hope, a "hero" of their choosing, someone they're likely training right now, will step onto the world's stage and proclaim himself to be our savior. Just do as he says and follow his rules and peace and security will be ours again. Take another jab, accept a microchip in your wrist, use their digital money, surrender your property, and snitch on your friends & family members who resist the new ways.

Just comply, and there will be no more chaos. But I have a better idea. Let's endure their engineered chaos and show them the human spirit can't be broken. And then let's take our society back so that the predators & parasites who create our suffering can hurt us no more. I think we can fit all the bankers and globalists on a small volcanic island somewhere in the south Pacific. Let them create their New World Order there, alone.

Australian Army Recruits Thugs To Attack The Public.

The Australian army has put out a new recruiting video that suggests their focus is shifting away from foreign invaders and will in the future aim their wrath at local residents who dare to speak up against the government. Remember when Australia was a free nation? Now it's the poster child for violent authoritarianism and endless surveillance. Hopefully the Australian people will soon find a way to take their nation back from the tyrants who are turning it into a hell-hole for the globalist agenda.

Police Brutality In France.

In France, protesters took to the streets to show their opposition to changes the government is making to their retirement pension fund. Rather than listening to the people's concerns, the government sent in the police to violently attack men, women, and children. Part of the globalist's agenda for world domination, extreme displays of power are increasingly being used as part of a psy-op to beat us down and make us think they run the show and we can't stop them.

Dutch Farmers Continue To Resist The Fascists.

But as the Dutch farmers are proving, there's a lot we can do when we join together to protect our rights and defeat tyranny.

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