CO2 Is Life.

CO2 is life

"Plants absorb CO2 to produce oxygen. It's called photosynthesis. CO2 is life. CO2 carbon footprints, low emission zones, and 15 minute cities are fake science. Do not comply!"

America, Then And Now.

steeledaddy meme

What will the next four years bring? What will you accept?

The System Doesn't Like The Truth.

fact checkers

[image credit: artist unknown]

Fact checkers didn't exist until the truth started getting out.

Never Forget How They Lied To Us.

Rabbi spreading vaccine propaganda

During the COVID plandemic, health authorities around the world lied to the public in an effort to intimidate us into getting vaccinated. They used who they felt were trusted members of the community to nudge, coerce, or scare us into compliance with vaccination mandates, despite stacks of evidence proving the jabs were dangerous and even deadly. 

We must never forget how they lied to us. And we must never forget the victims.

Hypnotized Into Ignorance.

phone zombies

[credit: artist unknown]

Zombies receiving their programming and a manufactured reality while surrounded by the real world. Will they wake up? Will they look up?

The Situation Isn't Hopeless.

propaganda meme\

"If the situation was hopeless, their propaganda would be unnecessary."

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