Some People Are Born Without A Soul.

Bill Gates no soul

Klaus Schwab no soul

Joe Biden no soul

Mitch McConnell no soul

George Soros no soul

“No evil dooms us hopelessly except the evil we love, and desire to continue in, and make no effort to escape from.” ― George Eliot

Who Do You Seek To Please?

Saint John Chrysostom quote

"If you knew how quickly people would forget about you after your death, you will not seek in your life to please anyone but God." - Saint John Chrysostom

Start With You.

nomad soul meme

"You want to resist the NWO? Start by resisting your own weaknesses, addictions, dysfunctions, laziness, and disempowering thoughts and beliefs. "Awakening" is not posting conspiracies online. It's you waking up to the power and potential you inherently possess and actualizing it." -- the nomad soul / @krysticmystic

Love Is The Greatest Power.

Love can't be described.
It has no shape, it has no form.
Love is not an object.
Love does not conform.

Love enters our lives
The moment we are born.
From the cradle to the grave,
Love's in everyone.

Love burns like a candle
That sometimes flickers but never dies.
Love may be invisible,
Although it's right before your eyes,

Love can leave you empty,
Love can make you whole.
Love can make or break you,
Love is in your soul.

Love is in your heart,
Love is in your mind.
Love doesn't discriminate,
Love is always blind.

Love is universal,
It encompasses the globe.
No matter where you are,
Love has a language all its own
Love is all around you.
There's plenty of love to spare.
You cannot see or touch it,
But love is everywhere.

Love's the greatest power,
And yet it is so small.
Love's a gift from God
To be shared amongst us all.

[John P. Read. "A Gift From God."]

We Cannot Justify The Killing Of Children.

child holding her dead brother

"If you hear of children being killed and your first thought is "yes, but...", that's not a natural reaction. Check yourself."

Over 4,600 children in Gaza have reportedly been killed and over 8,600 injured, with more than 1,500 reported missing and presumed to be under rubble. [source: UNICEF]

There are no excuses that can justify the killing of children. Every death is a win for the devil, and when we celebrate death or try to explain it away, we lose a bit of what makes us human.

“Blessed be childhood, which brings down something of heaven into the midst of our rough earthliness.” -- Henri Frederic Amiel

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