Monsters, The Constitution, and Donald Trump.

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I've been spending too much time on Twitter lately. I got on there to keep track of the lies Biden & company spread on a daily basis, but naturally other crazy posts also caught my attention. Although the left would like the world to believe that Twitter has become a cesspool of right-wing rhetoric and white supremacist hate speech, in reality it's overflowing with propaganda from Marxists and people who appear to be paid to talk up the deep state narrative. Add a splash of woke mob rants and you've got the perfect mix of misinformation and insanity.

What's especially vile about it all are the tweets by leftists who mercilessly attack conservatives while pretending to be on some moral high ground. They call us "fascists" while demanding censorship. They go after political opponents with lies, lawsuits, and indictments while claiming they're protecting our "democracy". They ridicule, silence, and attempt to destroy everyone who gets in their way. They are vicious. They are ruthless. They are evil. And they grin with demonic pleasure whenever their tactics work and their enemies suffer. These are not good people. They are monsters who feast on the living carcasses of people who dare to stand up for freedom, humanity, and God.

Katie Hopkins said it best: "They will come for you until you swing from a tree."


I want to be clear in this warning: we are running out of time. With each passing week, the government is growing in power and taking away ours. Communism is stronger in America now than it's ever been in history. We are on the verge of losing everything and being enslaved by an evil political system that looks like it was created by the devil himself. And if that day comes, our new rulers won't care about the Constitution. It may still exist, but it will be ignored until eventually it is burned in an orgiastic ceremony that will mark the official end of our republic. Our protests will be stopped by brutal federal police officers, social media will be banned to anyone not loyal to the state, and the courts won't hear our cries. Unless each of us gets up and stops this evil madness right here, right now, we will descend into darkness and our children will never know that freedom ever existed.


We need to have a serious, adult conversation about Trump's ability to win the 2024 election. He has now been indicted four times, and these come after years of baseless attacks by the bloodthirsty left. His poll numbers are good, at least among Republicans, but we must admit the Trump brand is damaged. Some of it he brought on himself, such as his ongoing advocacy of the dangerous COVID vaccines, but regardless of the "why", voters are going to be looking at him even harder in 2024 than they did in 2020. And even if he can put all the legal challenges behind him, you can bet the attacks will continue and even intensify as we get closer to the primaries. He may come through this looking like a martyr and win in a landslide. But he has to win over the people in the middle: conservative Democrats, moderate independents, and "establishment" Republicans. Without those voters, Trump can't win this. And until the legal issues begin to move through the system, we can't know which way middle America will go. Depending on the timing and the legal outcome, we risk handing the next election over to the Democrats.

We need to ask if that risk is too great. We do have other candidates, most of whom would be more appealing than Trump to non-MAGA America. I'm not saying we should give up on him, but we need to at least have a conversation about "plan B". Personally I'm in a "wait and see" mode and I'm hopeful he'll be cleared of all charges and we can finally make America great again. But we have to be realistic that this might not work out in his favor. We don't need to be at the eleventh hour trying to come up with a new strategy to save our nation. Because if the Democrats hold the White House for another four years, this nation is finished and the predatory globalists will control us. We won't have another chance.

Demolition Team For The New World Order.

"I won't stop until we finish the job." -- Joe Biden

Here are a few more real quotes from the demented dictator:

“The affirmative task we have now is to actually create a new world order.” 

"In setting an American agenda for a New World Order, we must begin with a profound alteration in traditional thought."

"For too long in this society, we have celebrated unrestrained individualism over common community."

"When you're appealing to people's fears and anxieties, you can make some gains."

"No ordinary American cares about their Constitutional rights."

"There’s no reason someone needs a weapon of war with 100 rounds, 100 bullets that can be fired from that weapon.  Nobody needs that.  Nobody needs that."

"Banning guns is an idea whose time has come."

In This House We Believe...

In this house we believe - Censorship is wrong - The news is propaganda - The state is organized crime - Taxation is theft - Socialism is the gospel of envy - All gun laws are infringements - Liberty is everything

Keep Talking.

The one thing the fascist globalists fear the most is freedom of speech. They can't defeat us until they can silence us.

So keep talking.

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