They Want Your Property And Your Children.

chd financial rebellion

Catherine Austin Fitts, Carolyn Betts, and Polly Tommey of Financial Rebellion discuss how the global deep state doesn't want your money (they can print all they want). They want total control, and they want your property and your children. This is a new era of worldwide slavery, unless we stop it.

Israel's Crimes Against Humanity Are Evil Beyond Belief.

Israel attacks innocent civilians

You may have already seen this video, but it's so shocking and horrible that it needs to be seen again and again, around the world, until more people realize the kind of evil that Israel is capable of. In the video, often called "the flour massacre", emergency aid (food) has been dropped onto the ground in Gaza, apparently as bait, and as desperate Palestinian's rush over to pick it up, Israeli forces open fire on the crowd, killing more than 100 people and injuring many more.

The attack is sickening. It is demonic. And it has been ignored by the leaders of almost every nation, including the United States, which is helping to fund this genocide. 

The situation in Palestine is a defining moment for humanity. If we turn our backs and do nothing, I can only conclude that humanity has lost it's soul and it's connection to God. The consequences will be extreme.

If this video is blocked in your nation, you can download a slightly different version of it here: Flour Massacre Video

The Goal Is A Totalitarian Police State.

totalitarian police state

When you realize the goal is a totalitarian police state, everything we've been through makes sense:

A pandemic psy-op, cancel culture, censorship, travel restrictions, searches & seizures, frozen bank accounts, the climate change scam, constant propaganda, "hate" crime laws, arrests of whistleblowers, election fraud, the January 06 DC trap, forced injections of bio-weapons, vaccine passports, the encouragement of violence by the left, the breakdown of morality, the invasion of America's southern border, mass migration into European nations, digital ID, invasive airport security, infiltration & weakening of churches, mass consumption of prescription & illegal mind-altering drugs, governments compromised by the fascist World Economic Forum and the World Health Organization, the gradual elimination of cash, out-of-control inflation, the housing crisis, 9/11, endless contrived wars, The Patriot Act, surveillance cameras everywhere, militarized police forces, armed IRS agents, gun bans virtually worldwide, geoengineering (chemtrails), and the encouragement of people to spy on and report their friends, family, and neighbors to the authorities. And I probably missed several things.

Freedom is under attack around the world. We are heading toward a New World Order with the super-wealthy "elites" at the top, and a feudal or communist society for the rest of us, brutally enforced by government thugs and advanced technology. 

We stop it now, or we become slaves forever.

Never Forget How They Lied To Us.

Rabbi spreading vaccine propaganda

During the COVID plandemic, health authorities around the world lied to the public in an effort to intimidate us into getting vaccinated. They used who they felt were trusted members of the community to nudge, coerce, or scare us into compliance with vaccination mandates, despite stacks of evidence proving the jabs were dangerous and even deadly. 

We must never forget how they lied to us. And we must never forget the victims.

Massive Chemtrail Spraying Over Winston-Salem

chemtrails Winston Salem

chemtrails North Carolina

chemtrails Forsyth county

Wednesday January 10, 2024 was a big day for spraying 'God knows what' over north central North Carolina, especially in the Winston-Salem area. Multiple aircraft could be seen discharging long plumes of white smoke which lingered for hours, eventually spreading out into clouds that completely covered up the formerly dark blue sky. We see this all the time: whenever the sky is clear, without clouds, the spraying begins. But what is being sprayed, and why? 

The fact that we're not being told is a good indication that whatever's happening isn't in our best interest. Keep looking up, and start asking questions. And encourage others to do the same.

How They Plan To Take Your House.

man looking at abandoned building

In this video, Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen tells how the global deep state plans to take away your house and turn you into a permanent renter. They tell us it's to combat climate change and save the planet, but in reality it's a step toward returning society to a feudal age, separated into the super wealthy and the super poor. 

Although this video has a European perspective, the same plans have been discussed for the UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United States. In fact, home ownership is threatened anywhere the globalists are able to spread their extreme, anti-human agenda. 

Share this video with your friends and family. Mass awareness is how we win.

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