Just Another Day Of Misinformation & Chaos.

A quick summary of today's misinformation and chaos being served up by the psychopaths and propagandists who seem to be in charge of the world right now. [news & images sourced from Bing.com]

What are the odds this fuel tanker just happened to be under a bridge when it was hit? We're seeing an awful lot of "coincidences" lately that affect our infrastructure. Gas tankers, trains, ships, bridges, food factories, pipelines...they all seem to be under attack, and yet we're being told by the "authorities" that they're all unrelated. Move along...nothing to see here. Do you believe them?

The US occupied federal government is assembling a "squad" of allies to agitate China and make sure we stay in conflict with them for the benefit of the military industrial complex. Peace and prosperity will remain elusive as long as mentally disturbed (and bribed) war hawks remain in control of the US government.

Bee populations are declining, but it's not from glyphosate, pesticides, EMF's, or chemtrails. It's from CLIMATE CHANGE! (that's the new official story from the propagandists helping to eliminate all life on the planet). I'd like to see who funded this study and see if they're related to the usual suspects.

If climate change was a real threat, private jets would be banned. Clear-cutting trees for housing developments, factories, and warehouses would be banned. Vacant buildings would be replaced by trees. Rocket launches (Space X?) would stop. There would be a ceasefire on all wars. People would be encouraged to grow food gardens. And money for weapons would be replaced by money for energy-saving home improvements.

But none of this happens, does it?

The Real Threats To America.

The two biggest threats to America are: the globalist's who want to destroy the nation, and the socialist's who want to take over the nation. 

Any elected official, politician, or news outlet not talking about it is probably in on it.

The Deep State's Barbaric Treatment Of J6 Defendants Is A Warning To All Of Us.

january 06 protests

Conservative journalist Katie Hopkins, the most banned woman on the planet, tells us what the harsh sentences being given to the January 6 defendants are really all about:

“The whole purpose of what’s being done to the J6 defendants is to serve as a warning, to serve as a message. The reason has nothing to do with the law. The reason is it’s a message: “Don’t you dare play up. When we lock you down and we shut you down to force Biden through in 2024, don’t you say a word. Don’t you take to the streets. Don’t you dare protest. Don’t you dare have anything to say when you see fraud happening before your very eyes because look what we will do to you. We will crush your soul and your family. We will make you weep and beg for your life. And we’ll spit on you anyway.””

America is under siege by enemies inside and out. Their goal is to destroy our nation's sovereignty and make us subservient to the globalists who want to turn the entire world into a technocratic totalitarian slave colony. We are all that stands against the forces of evil and endless tyranny. We have to take it seriously. We have to take it personally. Or else we'll be taking it shackled, on our knees.

The Most Disturbing Video You Will Watch Today.

In 2022, a recruitment video surfaced from the 4th PSYOP Group of the US Army, leaving anyone who viewed it incredibly disturbed. It features creepy music with a montage of unsettling political events. The screen text reads "All the world's a stage", and "We are everywhere", while showing empty movie theater seats. The video seems to be bragging about the US Army's ability to control what we see, hear, and think, as well as its ability to change world events.

"Have you ever wondered who's pulling the strings? You'll find us in the shadows. At the tip of the spear. Warfare is evolving, and all the world's a stage. Anything we touch is a weapon. We can deceive, persuade, change, influence, inspire. We come in many forms. We are everywhere."

Although "Ghosts In The Machine" is a recruitment video for soldiers who want to influence international politics, it's no stretch of the imagination to see how these same tactics could be used, and probably have been used, against the citizens of the United States, if not by the US Army then almost certainly by elements of the Department of Homeland Security. The deep state sees us as a threat just as formidable as Russia, the Taliban, or the CCP of China, if not more so, and that means they propagandize, manipulate, and attempt to control us everyday, everywhere. It's a form of domestic terrorism that most people aren't aware even exists.

Who's pulling the strings? No one with our best interests at heart. 

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