The Republican Party Has Surrendered To The Zionists.

Shabbos Kestenbaum at the Republican national convention

This week's Republican national convention looked more like Zionist love-in than a meeting of MAGA Americans. At times it looked like Israel was more important than the United States, and to some of our politicians, it is. If past statements by Donald Trump, Nikki Haley, Lindsey Graham, and Mike Johnson weren't enough to convince you that Israel and Jewish Americans are the priority of the Republican Party, the parade of speakers at the convention should have at least caused concern. The party that constantly bangs on about defending our Constitutional rights actually let Shabbos Kestenbaum brag about his work to subvert the 1st Amendment while also demanding "antisemitic" hate speech laws. I would expect such a demand would be met with booing, but the conservative crowd, some wearing cowboy hats, cheered him on. Incredible. What's next? If a rabbi is shot and killed somewhere in America, will the Republicans demand gun control to prevent antisemitic violence? Five years ago I would have thought, "no way". Now, I'm not so sure. After all, we now have millions of Christian conservatives defending Israel's genocide in Gaza, as if the deaths of tens of thousands of Palestinian's don't matter because of something they read in the Bible. (Hint: if your god is okay with the murder of children, you might be worshiping the wrong god.)

Seen at the 2024 Republican national convention:

man wearing MAGA kippah at Republican national convention

And in case you are living under the delusion that Israel is an innocent victim of terrorism rather than being the instigator of terror around the world, here's a short video of the IDF targeting and striking a Palestinian family with a rocket as they were traveling in an animal-drawn cart along a road in Gaza. It was a senseless act of violence, something Israel takes pride in.

And apparently, so does the Republican Party.

Different Paths...Same Destination.

Biden and Trump lead to totalitarianism

"When you know the destination, you can see the journey." -- David Icke

The destination planned for all of us is a global totalitarian feudalistic society. The super-wealthy will own everything while the rest of us will own nothing. We'll be allowed to rent meager resources to help us stay alive, but only if our social credit scores are high enough for us to qualify for payment credits to be added to our CDBC accounts. Everything we do will be watched. Words spoken in public will be monitored. Our ability to travel will be restricted. Vaccines and other medical procedures will be forced upon us. Food will be administered by prescription. Work will be mind-numbing and constant. Joy will be an emotion of the past.

All of this will be controlled by a handful of elites who think their bloodline grants them the world. They'll be helped by artificial intelligence, which will micromanage every asset on the planet...every inch of land, every tree, every drop of water, and every person. There will be no revolts; the chemicals in the food, water, and air will keep us dim-witted and docile.

It will be an open-air prison. There will be no escape, not now and not for 1000 years. This prison is being built all around us right now, and some of our fellow humans are actually demanding it to be built, so they can feel safe, or because they think the technology behind it is cool and convenient. They can't see the danger.

It seems there's an unseen force driving us toward our own misery and enslavement, and few politicians are willing to stop it. Even many of our religious leaders are turning a blind eye to the darkness that approaches.

Here in the United States, we have two major candidates running for president. But whether you vote for Donald Trump or Joe Biden, our destination remains unchanged. Only the path changes.

If Trump wins in November, the radical left won't accept the outcome and they'll riot once again, burning cities and terrorizing the public. Trump will likely impose martial law and suspend our rights, saying he has no choice. It's possible he'll even confiscate our guns, and many in the MAGA crowd will go along with it because of their blind trust. When calm is finally restored, our rights won't come back, and neither will our guns. But few will complain because the trauma of the riots will be too great. "Never again", the people will say, as they demand to be kept safe.

If Biden (or successor) wins in November, conservatives will take to the streets but they won't riot. There will be peaceful protests, but nothing will burn. Talks of secession will begin, but before any progress is made, the left will launch false flag attacks on government buildings and officials and blame it on conservatives. Martial law will be imposed and our rights will be taken away. Guns will be confiscated. Mass arrests will be made. Independent media will be shut down. Social media will be purged of any posts deemed to be "anti-government". The left will scream for a revolution, and the right will be frightened into submission.

(Similar extreme measures could also come from either side if "bird flu" is used as the excuse for another fake pandemic.)

Either way, left or right, the nation will fall into an authoritarian police state status, from which it won't emerge. And as it weakens and declines, it will increasingly align with the globalists and their totalitarian feudalistic society.

America, the last piece needed, will be fitted into place. And the open-air prison will be complete.

Donald Trump Arrives At The Republican National Convention.

Donald Trump wearing a tiny My Pillow

Just days after escaping an assassination attempt in Pennsylvania, former president Donald Trump was seen arriving at the Republican National Convention wearing a tiny "My Pillow" stuck to his ear. Always eager to make a buck, it appears Trump has struck a deal with pillow peddler Mike Lindell to promote the My Pillow brand at the convention. 

Or it could just be a giant bandage used to gain sympathy from a gullible crowd who now thinks Trump is more of a hero than General Patton.

Decide for yourself.

The Assassination Attempt On Donald Trump: What We Know So Far.

Donald Trump assassination attempt

Saturday, July 13, 2024, at 6:15 pm, a shooter attempted to kill former President Donald Trump at an election rally in Butler, Pennsylvania.

Video of the shooting can be viewed here:

At the time of this writing, details are sketchy and much of what we're hearing may later prove to be untrue. But based on current information, there was one shooter, a 20-ish white male who was allegedly a part of ANTIFA. Some news outlets have identified him as Thomas Matthew Crooks of Bethel Park, Pennsylvania, but the FBI was not prepared to identify the shooter, saying he had no identification on him and that DNA testing is to be conducted. If he had no ID, how did the news outlets get his name and address?

There are also witnesses saying they saw the shooter, with a rifle, climbing up the side of a building and onto the roof, with a direct line of sight to the podium where Trump was speaking. The witnesses notified the police, who apparently did nothing, and they also used hand gestures to try and get the Secret Service snipers to look at the roof, but we're told the agents were slow to respond and didn't even bother to warn the agents on the stage so they could clear the area. As a result, Trump was grazed in the ear by one bullet, two spectators were critically injured, and one was killed. There are also reports that Trump was shot in his right side, but a bulletproof vest saved his life. However, most news sites aren't mentioning this at all, so we'll have to wait for confirmation.

Asked at the press conference whether law enforcement did not know the shooter was on the roof until he began firing, Kevin Rojek, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s Pittsburgh Field Office, responded that “that is our assessment at this time”

“It is surprising” that the gunman was able to open fire on the stage before the Secret Service killed him, he added.

eyewitness comments about the Trump assassination attempt

Witness, pictured above, who tried to notify the Secret Service and the police about the gunman. Video of the interview can be viewed here:

witnesses say they spotted Trump's attempted assassin

Some on social media aren't believing law enforcement's claim that they didn't know an assassination attempt was about to happen. Writing on Twitter/X, Spike Cohen said, "My message to Donald Trump: There's not a shot in hell that this shooter got on the roof of that building without SS (Secret Service) seeing him. No way. They're going to keep at this until you're dead."

Spike Cohen tweet about the Trump assassination attempt

Mike Davis takes it further, blaming Joe Biden for the attack. Davis says Biden didn't provide Trump with adequate Secret Service protection, and he "inflamed deadly violence against Trump with his malicious rhetoric".

Mike Davis tweet blaming Joe Biden for the Trump assassination attempt

Interestingly, during a private call with donors on July 8, Biden said, “So, we’re done talking about the debate, it’s time to put Trump in a bullseye.” Was Biden speaking figuratively, or did he send a signal that something had to be done?

The news media has to take a huge amount of blame for today's shooting. They've spent the past several years demonizing Donald Trump and convincing those on the left that Trump is an "existential threat" to America. They've repeatedly made the false claim that he ordered an "insurrection" on January 06, 2021. They tell us that everything Trump says is a lie, while they completely ignore the pathological lying by Joe Biden. The news media has distorted reality to such a degree that many Democrats now passionately hate Trump, but they don't even know why. Is it any wonder that an unhinged, radicalized leftist tried to kill Donald Trump today?

I'll post another update as soon as some of the dust settles and we have new information. Until then, stay safe, and stay active to save our nation. It's being stolen from us right in front of our eyes.

And now, it's getting bloody.

Timo Malum Featured On The David Knight Show.

David Knight

On Friday's 'The David Knight Show', David read excerpts from two articles on The articles focused on the 2024 presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. I was honored to be mentioned on the show. Thank you, David, for all you do!

The Democratic Party Sacrificed Joe Biden Tonight.

Joe Biden the idea meme

Like many Americans, I watched the first debate of the year for the presidential campaign. And also like many Americans, I was appalled by Joe Biden's performance. It was the cringe event of the century. Many people half-joked before the debate that Biden wouldn't be able to last the night unless he was jacked up on amphetamines and other stimulants. The second he began talking we knew it probably wasn't a joke after all. He rambled on and on at high speed, not even pausing between sentences and rarely blinking as he looked around in wide-eyed confusion. Many of his sentences trailed off into mumbling. What was he saying? Even Trump couldn't figure it out. And I lost count of how many times Biden began a sentence with "the idea", as in "The idea that you question me". He said it so often it became both comical and sad at the same time.

news media reaction to Biden's debate performance

After the debate, the news media talking heads all cried together with fake concern about Joe Biden's performance. They seemed to be in a genuine panic about what they'd just witnessed, and many began suggesting it was time for Biden to step aside and let someone new take on Donald Trump. But the reactions weren't natural and spontaneous. Although the debate was real, the after-debate chatter on all the news programs was planned in advance. I heard intel last week that Democratic Party insiders were planning to replace Biden after the debate. They let him go on, knowing it would be a train wreck. News media commentators knew what would happen, and their remarks were partially scripted. Biden was sacrificed tonight by a political party more concerned about power than in preserving any dignity left in an elderly man who has been their puppet for the past four years. Such is the morality of the Democratic Party.

This was probably Biden's last debate. We'll now be subjected to days of pre-planned televised interviews with party officials talking about how Joe needs to go, followed by discussions of who could possibly take his place. But we know it's a conversation that's already been privately held many times over the past few months, and there's little doubt that they've already picked someone new. 

For the power-mad elites running the Democratic Party, tonight's debate was just their way of clearing the stage of an old, frail, and pathetic man they no longer have a use for. It's a heartless way to treat a person, and if they'll do it to one of their own, what do you think they'll do the rest of us?

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