Dr. Stefan Homburg Confirms COVID Was A Lie.

In this presentation (8 mins, 47 secs) German Professor, Dr. Stefan Homburg, confirms COVID was a lie, an illusion created by governments to take complete control over us.

“There were no more severe respiratory illnesses than usual in 2020 and 2021. The idea of a "pandemic" arose exclusively from new types of mass testing without cause, the results of which fluctuated enormously and led the public to believe that there were more sick people and deaths than usual. Which was not true."

Document Link: Corona: Five Official Facts by Prof. Dr. Stefan Homburg

Medical Science Is Now A Tool Of Oppression.

fda warning about bird flu

Revving up the fear machine: the public is being conditioned to accept the next big disruption. I don't think a new human pandemic with lockdowns will happen, but I do think bird flu will be used as the excuse to wipe out our food supply and create social unrest, panicking, and possibly rioting & looting. This will give our Zionist overlords the excuse they need to impose martial law. But if bird flu doesn't scare enough people, maybe they'll try whooping cough. 

Oops, they already did.

news headlines about whooping cough

The whooping cough propaganda is obviously a ploy to frighten parents into conforming with insane childhood vaccine schedules that governments impose upon healthy kids. It's big money for Big Pharma, greedy doctors, and bribed politicians. As increasing numbers of informed parents back away from unsafe & ineffective jabs, the control system has to pull them back in, using whatever dishonest tactics they can dream up. Side effects? They'll be hidden for eternity, with any data leaks immediately labeled as "misinformation".

Since 2020 we've lived in a world of constant, endless warnings of diseases and constant, endless propaganda to convince us we need constant, endless injections of mystery chemicals to stay alive. We're now experiencing the early stages of the biosecurity state, where everyone is considered to be dirty and diseased and a threat to others. Fake health scares have become the norm, followed by oppressive countermeasures pulled straight out of the most dystopian sci-fi movies you've ever seen. Increasing numbers of doctors no longer believe that viruses cause communicable diseases, yet viruses remain the number one tool of fear and control. We know "social distancing" rules had no scientific basis, yet people still keep their distance from others as if an angry monkey was about to attack. Face masks have been debunked so many times I've lost count, yet at every mention of a "disease outbreak", weak-willed politicians start talking about bringing back mask mandates. And every medical condition short of toe fungus seems to have its own vaccine now.

The reasons are clear. Many people are horribly ignorant, knowing nothing but what's been fed to them by the social controllers running almost all news media companies. They fear illness and death and they're desperate to avoid them both. And tyrannical politicians take advantage of ignorance and fear to push an agenda of totalitarian control. The people who rule over us want us tagged, cataloged, and tracked from the cradle to the grave. They want us to be completely obedient and spiritually broken. They don't want us rising out of poverty. They want us to be dependent on them, unable and unwilling to rise up and threaten their authority.

Medical science is the easiest way to achieve all that. Frightful propaganda throws us into a panic, ready to accept whatever limits to our freedom the government demands. As we saw during the COVID psyop, many people will ignore what they see with their own eyes and shut off all critical thinking when the fear of death is imagined to be near. The propaganda was so effective during COVID that we saw scenes where a person would die in a vaccination center as soon as the needle was pulled out of an arm, and the people in line watching the death wouldn't even leave. They stayed in line, rolled up their sleeves, and pretended they didn't see anything. This is the kind of madness that politicians exploit to gain unlimited power and control.

In decades past, many lives have been saved by our medical system. But times have changed, and what used to heal us is now being used to enslave us. I urge you to not fall for the fear campaigns currently spreading across multiple news sites. The people writing them, or paying to have them written, don't have your best interests at heart. 

Did Fashion Photo From 2009 Predict COVID?

wonderland backdoor man

In November 2009, ten years before the world first began hearing about an alleged respiratory illness spreading in China, Wonderland magazine published this photo as part of a collection named "Backdoor Man". The image was shot by fashion photographer Mariano Vivanco and it was styled by Way Perry.

Aside from the obvious homoerotic tone of the photo, what jumped out at me is how it appears to have predicted the COVID scamdemic through the use of an odd choice of fashion props.

On the far left, the model is wearing a clear plastic bag over his head. We often see this in photos from the entertainment industry - especially the music industry - and some say it references MKUltra mind control or slavery. But my first thought was how the plastic bag restricts breathing, just like the obligatory face masks of 2020 did. The bag also symbolizes restrictions on free speech.

The second model is wearing a strange hat, which looks almost identical to the computer-generated images of the COVID-19 virus. Of course the virus doesn't actually exist but the mind-control media and corrupt world governments did a great job of making us think a fake CGI spiky ball was the real deal that was killing grandma's and scaring the rest of us into avoiding any human contact closer than six feet.

The third model is holding an umbrella. This one is trickier to interpret. It could be a symbol of protection from a storm. But umbrella's also signify protection from illness, and in some cultures they are a symbol of effeminacy, inferiority, and subservience. I'm going to combine them all and say that the model is warning of a coming illness that will sweep the world like a storm, and people will be too mentally weak to speak the truth about what's really going on, and thus the world becomes subservient. 

The last model, on the far right, is wearing a crown. A common definition of 'corona' is: "something suggesting a crown".

Could it be a coincidence that a fashion photo from 2009 just happened to have so many elements that are predictive of the COVID scam? Were the events of 2020 and beyond planned more than a decade in advance, and if so, why would a fashion magazine be used to covertly announce it?

Or could it be that spiritual entities influenced the photographer and stylist to create this photo in a specific way to send us a warning message....one we completely ignored? If so, it makes me wonder how many other warnings we've ignored.

Perhaps we should pay closer attention.

News Bites: March 07, 2024.

Congress has a circle-jerk. Arizona feels the heat. Biden beats himself. And the CDC pushes fake science.

Biden state of the union speech

I didn't watch the State of the Union speech. If I want to see a room full of psychopaths and mental midgets stroke each other, I'll visit the nearest insane asylum. So let's move on to more important things:

Arizona heat officer

Under the direction of radical-left Governor Katie Hobbs, Arizona has named the first statewide "heat officer" to address extreme heat. Dr. Eugene Livar was appointed to the role under Hobbs’ extreme heat preparedness plan, the Arizona Department of Health Services said Wednesday. It's not clear what a heat officer does, but according to news reports, Dr. Livar will work on providing "cooling stations" and fans to Arizona residents, who are already used to heat since most of the state is in the desert. I'm not sure they need a high-paid doctor for the job, as Joe over at the Home Depot knows all about fans and he works for $15 per hour. I guess Hobbs thinks having a doctor in the role will add credibility to the climate scam agenda and keep the fear cranked up higher than the air conditioning in the Governor's office.

Democratic primaries

The mind-control media is trying to be dramatic about Joe Biden winning Democratic party primaries, celebrating each victory as if Biden is actually competing with anyone. Even the New York Post, allegedly a conservative publication, proclaimed Biden is moving "closer to seizing the nomination again". But he's not seizing it at all. It's being handed to him by default, since he has no opponents on the ballot in most areas, and hardly anyone knows the few opponents who do appear. Even unopposed, Biden isn't getting all the votes. In North Carolina, almost 13% of Democrats voted "No Preference" in the March 03 primaries. And that's encouraging, as it shows that at least 13% of Democrats haven't lost their minds, yet.

CDC covid guidelines

And finally, covid is back in the news. The CDC (Centers for Disinformation Creation?) has issued new guidelines that still include mask wearing, despite a stack of studies proving masks aren't effective at preventing the spread of disease. The reason masks don't work is likely tied to the fact that viruses have never been proven to cause diseases. The "science" of virology is a theory, not a fact, but it's a theory that's been very useful for Big Pharma and authoritarian governments. It's critically important that we educate our friends and family about virology's shady past and the corrupt people who have been associated with it. As long as the virus theory is pushed by the propagandists, the public will be easily herded into control tools like fake pandemics, masks, lockdowns, and vaccines. Without those tools, the establishment loses much of its power and the people can finally begin to see reality.

Hypnotized Into Ignorance.

phone zombies

[credit: artist unknown]

Zombies receiving their programming and a manufactured reality while surrounded by the real world. Will they wake up? Will they look up?

Notes From Clown World: December 7, 2023

America's worst President in modern history, Joe Biden, seems to have a very high opinion of himself. Recently he said "We’ve got to get it done, not because of me. ... If Trump wasn’t running I’m not sure I’d be running. We cannot let him win.” His statement suggests he thinks that he's the only candidate who can defeat Donald Trump in 2024, despite Biden's incredibly low popularity. Few people like him, other than the most hardcore party loyalists and a handful of ignorant and indoctrinated liberals. Surely any functioning, breathing body the Democratic Party could list on the ballot would do as well or better than Biden. Yet it's possible he'll be the party's choice once again, because he serves a very valuable purpose: sleepy Joe is the manipulable face of the people who hide in the shadows and actually direct the show. These deep state sociopaths need a witless, immoral puppet to dance for them in the White House, and Biden happily plays along, probably because his mind is so far gone he doesn't realize what he's become. He thinks he's a hero. His handlers told him so. It will be up to the voters to prove him wrong and send him home.

[photo screenshot from WFMY 2]

The cancer centers of Cone Health in Greensboro NC have announced that beginning Thursday, face masks will be required to be worn by all patients and visitors due to a spike in respiratory "viruses". When I read about it on a local news station's website, my first thought wasn't that the hospital is being cautious. Instead I thought, "despite all the studies proving masks don't stop the spread of disease, why are they still mandating this nonsense?" And thinking further, it made me question the competence of a medical system that continues to embrace the discredited theory that viruses cause diseases, and that toxic injections called "vaccines" can protect us from viral infections. Should a hospital that still, to this day, promotes covid shots that have killed or injured millions of people worldwide, push masks upon us as if they care about our health? And what about the cancer treatments that the medical industrial complex insists we submit to? Surgery, radiation, and chemo medicines that originated from deadly mustard gas are the only things they offer. Natural treatments like B-17 and the Gerson therapy are discredited or hidden from us by a system that would rather drain our bank accounts than actually heal us.

If you're in a car accident, modern hospitals with their trauma centers can probably save your life. They're really good at putting people back together. But we need to take responsibility for our overall wellness and protect our health so that we never have to entrust our lives to people who believe in outdated science and dangerous drugs. 

The government has found a new way to spend your money: the Brightline electric high-speed rail line will connect Los Angeles to Las Vegas, but it will cost taxpayers an unknown figure way beyond its current funding of $3 billion by the time it's finished. Ongoing operating expenses will not likely be covered by rider fares, so this well-intentioned transportation project will suck up tax dollars for decades until common-sense prevails and the whole thing is shut down and left to rust. And why do we need high-speed rail to Vegas? If this is about sustainability, building an expensive rail line to a city in the desert that is itself unsustainable seems ill-advised, at best. Las Vegas already has issues with its water supply. (Building a mega-resort in a patch of hot sand probably wasn't a good idea.) And now that everyone is focused on the responsible use of resources and reducing CO2 emissions, Vegas' continued existence could soon be considered an extravagance that humanity can't afford. But for now no one seems worried about that. Could it be because the city is a huge profit center for the organized crime cartels that control the casinos and hotels? How much of those profits go to bribe politicians so they'll support senseless projects like this, projects struggling Americans neither want nor need?

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