New Documentary Exposes The Frightening Agenda Of Klaus Schwab.

Filmmaker Richard Jeffs has put together a great documentary that exposes Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Forum, and the global plans for a "great reset". Although similar films have been made before, this one brings together all the seemingly unrelated elements of Schwab's plan and shows us how they all lead to one place: communism. Or I should say, communism engineered by sociopaths and enforced by constant surveillance and artificial intelligence. A hellish world where the top 1/2 of one percent own everything, and the rest of us get crumbs, but only if we behave and obey the elites.

I highly recommend you watch 'Stakeholder Communism' and let it connect the dots about the frightening future heading our way, unless we rise up and stop it now.

You can watch it here, but if you prefer to see it on the Rumble site, here's the link: Stakeholder Communism

What Is The Anti-Human Agenda?

anti-human agenda

We're in a war, but I'm not talking about Ukraine or Palestine. I'm talking about the war on humanity being waged against us by the wealthy parasite class and their technocratic partners who have convinced themselves there are too many people on the planet. Rather than sacrifice themselves to a cause they strongly believe in, they're trying to get rid of the rest of us. They think they're better than everyone else and have somehow inherited the Earth for themselves. The other 7.9 billion of us are merely taking up space and using up resources, and so we must be eliminated. The wealthy parasite class plans to keep some of us around as slave workers, but eventually human slaves will be replaced by robot slaves. This anti-human agenda won't happen overnight. It will be completed in steps, and many of those steps are already being engineered and put into place. 

The online magazine 'OffGuardian' created the graphic above and related articles that comprehensively explain the agenda so you can understand the threats and prepare for them, while also (hopefully) educating others. To get started, click on any link below and you'll be taken to an OffGuardian page for that topic. 

War On Food

War On Money

Climate Agenda

Health Tyranny

Republicans Versus Democrats: Who Is Really On Our Side?

[image credit:]

Of the two major political parties in the United States, which one:

  • defends free speech and the freedom to assemble as mandated by the 1st amendment?
  • consistently upholds the 2nd amendment: (the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed)?
  • respects the 4th amendment which protects against unreasonable searches and seizures?
  • works to create and maintain secure and valid voting systems that earn the public's trust?
  • puts the American people first in legislation and spending?
  • protects the homeland with secure borders?
  • maintains a sound financial system rather than a Ponzi scheme?
  • tells us the truth about the Social Security system and how it will soon be insolvent unless hard choices are made?
  • has seriously introduced and promoted the idea of term limits for members of Congress?
  • honestly investigated the 9/11 attacks and told us the truth about what happened that day?
  • honestly investigated the January 6 DC riots and released all the video footage from that day?
  • told us the truth about the COVID "pandemic" and warned the public about the dangers of the vaccines?
  • is telling us the truth including ALL the science on "climate change" so we can make up our own minds?
  • has told us about the WHO international agreements that could strip the US of its sovereignty on health issues?
  • has significantly reduced the size of the federal government and dramatically cut its spending and power?
  • investigated the allegations against Jeffrey Epstein resulting in the prosecution of wealthy pedophiles?
  • has called for world peace?

Okay, I admit these are trick questions, because neither party has done any of the things in this list. Despite claiming to be different and playing the "left vs right" game, on the issues that matter to freedom-loving and morally-sound Americans, both the Republicans and the Democrats are consistently and repeatedly failing us. Neither party is upholding the US Constitution and Bill of Rights and in fact they seem to enjoy trampling all over it. Politicians from both parties apparently serve masters other than the US citizens they're supposed to represent. We the people have become little more than tax slaves for the people hiding in the shadows who are really in control of the federal government, and many state governments as well. 

So if you think your vote will make a difference this November, consider this list and ask yourself how one party is going to do more for you than the other.  Without serious reforms, I'm afraid our political system has become little more than a distraction while the deep state and their global allies exploit us, enslave us, and hasten our demise.

It's time we take control before we find there's nothing left.

They Want Your Property And Your Children.

chd financial rebellion

Catherine Austin Fitts, Carolyn Betts, and Polly Tommey of Financial Rebellion discuss how the global deep state doesn't want your money (they can print all they want). They want total control, and they want your property and your children. This is a new era of worldwide slavery, unless we stop it.

Belgian Farmers Are Fighting Tyranny.

In these scenes from Brussels, Belgium, farmers continue their resistance to European Union tyranny.

The farmers demonstrate how to handle illegitimate authority figures:

No farmers, no food. Support the rights of farmers to produce food on their land. To get the quick story on why the farmers are upset, read this fairly impartial report at Time magazine: What to Know About the Farmer Protests in Europe.

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