The Republican Party Has Surrendered To The Zionists.

Shabbos Kestenbaum at the Republican national convention

This week's Republican national convention looked more like Zionist love-in than a meeting of MAGA Americans. At times it looked like Israel was more important than the United States, and to some of our politicians, it is. If past statements by Donald Trump, Nikki Haley, Lindsey Graham, and Mike Johnson weren't enough to convince you that Israel and Jewish Americans are the priority of the Republican Party, the parade of speakers at the convention should have at least caused concern. The party that constantly bangs on about defending our Constitutional rights actually let Shabbos Kestenbaum brag about his work to subvert the 1st Amendment while also demanding "antisemitic" hate speech laws. I would expect such a demand would be met with booing, but the conservative crowd, some wearing cowboy hats, cheered him on. Incredible. What's next? If a rabbi is shot and killed somewhere in America, will the Republicans demand gun control to prevent antisemitic violence? Five years ago I would have thought, "no way". Now, I'm not so sure. After all, we now have millions of Christian conservatives defending Israel's genocide in Gaza, as if the deaths of tens of thousands of Palestinian's don't matter because of something they read in the Bible. (Hint: if your god is okay with the murder of children, you might be worshiping the wrong god.)

Seen at the 2024 Republican national convention:

man wearing MAGA kippah at Republican national convention

And in case you are living under the delusion that Israel is an innocent victim of terrorism rather than being the instigator of terror around the world, here's a short video of the IDF targeting and striking a Palestinian family with a rocket as they were traveling in an animal-drawn cart along a road in Gaza. It was a senseless act of violence, something Israel takes pride in.

And apparently, so does the Republican Party.

Different Paths...Same Destination.

Biden and Trump lead to totalitarianism

"When you know the destination, you can see the journey." -- David Icke

The destination planned for all of us is a global totalitarian feudalistic society. The super-wealthy will own everything while the rest of us will own nothing. We'll be allowed to rent meager resources to help us stay alive, but only if our social credit scores are high enough for us to qualify for payment credits to be added to our CDBC accounts. Everything we do will be watched. Words spoken in public will be monitored. Our ability to travel will be restricted. Vaccines and other medical procedures will be forced upon us. Food will be administered by prescription. Work will be mind-numbing and constant. Joy will be an emotion of the past.

All of this will be controlled by a handful of elites who think their bloodline grants them the world. They'll be helped by artificial intelligence, which will micromanage every asset on the planet...every inch of land, every tree, every drop of water, and every person. There will be no revolts; the chemicals in the food, water, and air will keep us dim-witted and docile.

It will be an open-air prison. There will be no escape, not now and not for 1000 years. This prison is being built all around us right now, and some of our fellow humans are actually demanding it to be built, so they can feel safe, or because they think the technology behind it is cool and convenient. They can't see the danger.

It seems there's an unseen force driving us toward our own misery and enslavement, and few politicians are willing to stop it. Even many of our religious leaders are turning a blind eye to the darkness that approaches.

Here in the United States, we have two major candidates running for president. But whether you vote for Donald Trump or Joe Biden, our destination remains unchanged. Only the path changes.

If Trump wins in November, the radical left won't accept the outcome and they'll riot once again, burning cities and terrorizing the public. Trump will likely impose martial law and suspend our rights, saying he has no choice. It's possible he'll even confiscate our guns, and many in the MAGA crowd will go along with it because of their blind trust. When calm is finally restored, our rights won't come back, and neither will our guns. But few will complain because the trauma of the riots will be too great. "Never again", the people will say, as they demand to be kept safe.

If Biden (or successor) wins in November, conservatives will take to the streets but they won't riot. There will be peaceful protests, but nothing will burn. Talks of secession will begin, but before any progress is made, the left will launch false flag attacks on government buildings and officials and blame it on conservatives. Martial law will be imposed and our rights will be taken away. Guns will be confiscated. Mass arrests will be made. Independent media will be shut down. Social media will be purged of any posts deemed to be "anti-government". The left will scream for a revolution, and the right will be frightened into submission.

(Similar extreme measures could also come from either side if "bird flu" is used as the excuse for another fake pandemic.)

Either way, left or right, the nation will fall into an authoritarian police state status, from which it won't emerge. And as it weakens and declines, it will increasingly align with the globalists and their totalitarian feudalistic society.

America, the last piece needed, will be fitted into place. And the open-air prison will be complete.

Slavery Never Ended. It Evolved To Include All Of Us.

modern day slavery

Click image for high resolution version, or click here. Image is also mirrored at my cloud storage.

Here's another great graphic from The Light Paper UK. The left half shows the ten ways we've been covertly enslaved in the past, and didn't notice. They include: voting, legislation, the economy, licenses, state power, school training, injustices, taxes, hypocrisy, and deception. The right half shows the ways they plan to tighten their grip on us, making escape nearly impossible: carbon (CO2) footprint, travel allowances, energy usage, city limit violations (so-called 15 minute cities), vaccine & medical status, and work performance. They don't mention it, but a key component of slavery in the future will be CBDC's, or "Central Bank Digital Currencies", which will eventually replace physical forms of payment. CBDC's are programmable digital coupons that will be issued instead of the money we use today. They'll be tied to your social credit score (which includes everything on the right half of the graphic above), giving the government the ability to restrict what you're able to buy, where you're able to buy it, and how much wealth you're able to accumulate, since CBDC's will have expiration dates. Spend it or lose it.

The new digital slavery will likely also include a "snitch" component, allowing the government to reward people who report violations of an ever-growing number of laws or even social transgressions. You would never be able to trust anyone again, for fear of being turned in and punished.

We're living in an inhuman system created by people who hate humanity, who intend to finish the job of turning the world into a totalitarian police state with a feudalistic economy, enforced by robotics and digital technology. 

Our children may never experience anything resembling freedom, hope, or joy. We must create a better future for them. 

The Internet Is A Threat To Human Civilization.

"The world is not sliding, but galloping into a new transnational dystopia. The internet, our greatest tool of emancipation, has been transformed into the most dangerous facilitator of totalitarianism we have ever seen. The internet is a threat to human civilization." -- Julian Assange [2012]

Notes From Clown World: July 08, 2024.

TSA airport security

"More than three million pass through U.S. airport security in a day." Nothing says "Independence Day" like waiting in line to be probed and fondled in a TSA humiliation ritual. As I've said before, airport security is obedience training for humans, in addition to being humiliating. It serves no real purpose except to let us know that the government is in charge and we had better obey them if we want to go anywhere much farther away than the local 7-Eleven. Look at the photo above. Isn't that the most pathetic thing you've ever seen? Hundreds of taxpayers, who have deluded themselves into thinking they are "free", are dutifully lined up like cattle for their turn at the hands of government agents who have the power to steal their stuff, stop them from traveling, and even arrest them if they misbehave in any way. How is the line at airport security much different than the cafeteria line in a prison? And yet they weave through the fabric corral, thinking "that's just the way it is". 

One day, probably sooner than we expect, our acquiesence to tyranny will lead to much worse horrors than having a TSA agent rubbing our genitals. So either stand up for your God-given rights, or get ready for a lot more humiliation.

headline about hot weather

In case you haven't heard, it's now Summer in the northern hemisphere, and that means it's hot. Temperatures have reached 100 degrees (Fahrenheit) in many parts of the United States, and in Death Valley temps shot up to 129 degrees, which seems extreme but still isn't the hottest day on record. Reasonably intelligent people know that it's hot in the summer and even hotter in the desert. But the mind-control specialists in the news media want you to think that the temperatures we're seeing are some freak event, no doubt caused by man-made climate change. It's not that big fiery ball in the sky that's making you sweat. And it's not geoengineering either. Your armpits are moist because people are selfish and irresponsible: How dare you cook beef on a gas grill (insects or tofu, anyone?). How dare you not go into massive debt to buy an electric car that isn't actually eco-friendly but let's pretend it is, okay? How dare you use air conditioning when you could just as easily drop ice cubes in your underwear. Stop being selfish and get with the globalist's program of totalitarian, I mean...go green!

I wonder how long it's going to be before the self-proclaimed experts and their news media puppets begin saying that people are dying "with climate-related complications", similar to how they claimed everyone who died had "COVID". I can imagine someone being found dead after being hit by a car, and the hospital writes it up as "death from impact related to climate", or some similar nonsense. Uncle Bob may be 100 years old when he finally dies, but if he's still warm to the touch when they find him, that's climate change! Maybe you should have hosed him down before you called the paramedics.

scam victim

People are becoming stupid. Yes, people have always been sort of stupid but now they're becoming REALLY stupid. My apologies to the woman pictured above. I pulled the image from a Telegram channel post and it made me think about the current data processing abilities of people in 2024. I don't mean to pick on her, but really Ms Leeks, how could you not know it wasn't really Kevin Costner you were giving your money to?

It's not just Ms Leeks I'm worried about. People everywhere are becoming downright loopy. At the grocery store self-checkout lanes, customers can't figure out how to scan the barcodes on their ultra-processed toxic frozen dinners. The credit card machine seems especially vexxing for many.  Social media posts are full of questions about the most basic tasks of life, as if people had gone straight from the womb to adulthood. I still see people alone in their cars, their faces covered up by useless paper surgical masks to protect them from the COVID that didn't exist four years ago and certainly doesn't exist now. And driving is especially dangerous, with people seemingly too feeble minded to realize they're supposed to stop at red stoplights, not turn right on red when the big sign says "No Right Turn On Red", or realize more than two seconds in advance that their exit is coming up. Why think ahead when you can just sweep across three lanes of congested traffic to turn in to the Walmart? Just a couple of nights ago I was driving home on a six lane highway and it began to rain. It wasn't a heavy rain; just a mild shower. Immediately almost every driver hit their brakes, slowed to a crawl, and turned on their hazard flashers as if they were splashing through a monsoon. Because of how everyone was spaced across all the lanes, I had to weave around to get past this blob of morons afraid of raindrops. People weren't afraid to drive in the rain five years ago. Now, it's a crisis event.

Are people losing their minds? Is the fluoride in the water finally taking its toll? Have televisions destroyed our critical thinking skills? Is the aluminum in the chemtrails making us retarded? Or, as one study suggests, are the COVID vaccines causing dementia? Will we soon have thousands of brain-injured people roaming around Death Valley, looking for the airport security queue and wondering why it's hot?

Sadly, the evidence suggests, "yes".

Standing Firm: The Line We Dare Not Cross.

FEMA camp

There's been increasing talk lately on social media sites about the ongoing construction of FEMA camps all over America. Supposedly, camps that can be used for "re-education" or even for extermination are being built in all fifty states in preparation for a future declaration of martial law by the occupied U.S. federal government. Although some people argue that we've been under a form of medical martial law since 2020, the camps are planned for when things get cranked up to maximum. Whether that results from a new pandemic psyop or is the result of leftists rounding up their political opponents is something we can only speculate about. We can't rule out the possibility that government "leaders" think a natural disaster is imminent, with millions of people needing emergency shelter as a result. We also can't rule out the possibility that camp construction is nothing but an internet rumor that has taken on a life of its own, as internet rumors often do. I've been hearing about the camps since George W Bush was president, yet after all these years, I've seen very little proof that they exist, at least not in numbers large enough to house millions of people.

But to err on the side of safety, let's assume they do exist, maybe not in all fifty states but in enough places that they could realistically house a lot of us. If they exist, then they plan to use them. And what you need to firmly understand and accept is that you don't want to be sent to one. It's unlikely you would ever be allowed to leave. You wouldn't even get to go home in a box. A mass grave would be in your future.

To be fair, your fate depends on the reason you're sent to a camp. If it's a medical quarantine, you might be let out once you submit to whatever medical experiments and toxic injections they force upon you. If it's a political arrest, after several years of hard labor and mental torture, you might be allowed to rejoin [the new] normal society as an obedient, productive member of the collective. But if they can't break you, they will kill you. If you doubt they could do such a thing, look at history for examples from the Soviet Union, Cambodia, and China, where leftist governments killed millions of their fellow humans so that their Marxist ideas could take root and grow without resistance. American Communists have been actively planning for decades to create chaos and trigger a violent revolution, and if they succeed (and they're getting close), you'll either join them, or you'll be sent to a camp.

I'm going to assume you don't want to go.

So you need to know what to look for, and what to do. First, I don't condone violence unless violence is done to us first. We don't want to start the chaos they need to impose martial law and begin rounding people up. Stay calm, be prepared, and spread information. Second, never ever give up your guns. Gun confiscation is the biggest clue that something bad is being planned. If the government wants you defenseless, no matter what excuse they use, then they intend to take away your rights and impose whatever tyranny they desire upon you. Gun ownership by large numbers of civilians keeps power-mad authoritarians in check. As long as we have firearms, we have a chance. But if our guns are taken and we have nothing but rocks to throw, we'll be quickly defeated, subdued, and eternally controlled. Keep your guns, no matter what. Third, don't let them take you away. It's likely a one-way trip. Unfortunately, should a "round-up" event occur, many of us will disappear into the night, dragged out of our homes, never to be heard from again. This is where spreading information is so important. As soon as you know that people are being taken away, I suggest that's the time that we've run out of legal options and will have to rise up in large numbers. Under no circumstances can we let government thugs go door to door and ship people off to the camps. Should such a day ever come, we must understand that our strength is in our numbers. We outnumber them and we can defeat them, but not if we're picked off one by one or busload by busload until millions of us are sitting behind razor tape, wishing we had resisted.

I'm aware these words paint an ugly picture. I wish the future was brighter. But we're in a spiritual battle against dark forces which use extreme-left political ideologies and government violence to fight us in the physical realm. This is a battle we can win and must win. But to win we must protect our freedom and not let our enemies take us away.

That is the line we dare not cross.

militarized police

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