Keep Talking.

The one thing the fascist globalists fear the most is freedom of speech. They can't defeat us until they can silence us.

So keep talking.

You Want Change? Then Do Something!

We're almost three years into this fake pandemic and there's no end in sight. Despite no solid evidence to support the existence of the covid-19 "virus", parts of the world are threatening to lock down again, with forced masking, social distancing, and toxic injections to follow. Tens of thousands of people have been killed by the bio-weapons marketed as covid vaccines. Hundreds of thousands have been seriously injured by the jabs. Yet the news media, controlled by corporate interests, refuses to report on the carnage. Politicians tell us the jabs are safe, but we know they're doing the bidding of pharmaceutical companies and non-government organizations such as the World Economic Forum. No one with serious reach and influence will call them out on their dishonest actions, actions which could be considered crimes against humanity.

We have world leaders and billionaire technocrats calling for the enslavement of humanity, although they sell their slavery with terms such as CBDC (central bank digital currency), health passports, surveillance to reduce crime, carbon reduction/save the planet, artificial intelligence, equity, and lifestyle enhancement. 

We have election fraud around the world and no matter how much evidence is presented, the news media and political figures dismiss it all as divisive, baseless, conspiracy theories.

And we have a world in which everything that is good and pure and decent is being inverted and perverted into that which is evil, poisoned, and disgusting. 

Many people see what is happening but they do very little to stop it. Most think that complaining on social media to like-minded people will actually cause change. Others think some magical mystical politician will arrive and save us all from the madness. But most won't even discuss the world's problems with family members, friends, or even the cashier at the grocery store for fear of creating an uncomfortable moment. And most also won't dump the tech platforms that are actively working to turn us into little more than mindless bots for the global elites.

I guess it's easier to silently complain than to actually do something useful.

But time is running out. The noose is tightening around everyone's neck. We have to get off our collective asses and actually make something happen. Don't know what to do? Here are a few ideas:

Start talking! Don't keep your opinions to yourself. There's no need to create arguments but don't be afraid to talk to people you know and people you encounter and spread a little truth. When others speak lies, correct them. Your silence signifies agreement with their lies.

Stop complying. Masks don't work and are nothing but compliance training devices. Refuse to wear them. Social distancing, the so-called 6 foot rule, is part of the psy-op to keep us apart and destroy social bonds. The 6 foot rule was a totally made up "safe distance" created by psychologists working for the UK government. And the covid jabs have been proven to be ineffective at best and deadly at worst. Have enough self-respect to say "no".

Dump bad tech. Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, TikTok, and Instagram are not your friends. They're all part of the technocratic globalist cabal that wants to control every aspect of your life and monitor every action you take and eventually, your every thought. There are several good alternatives you can you use for social media, search, and online shopping that won't try to violate your basic human rights. Switch to them today. And if your church is livestreaming its services on Facebook, ask your minister if he realizes what kind of company Facebook is, and ask him to consider alternative platforms that are more in line with church values.

Bank better. Globalist-owned banks such as JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America will the first to introduce nonsense such as carbon footprint tracking or limiting your accounts so you can't purchase things they disapprove of, such as guns and ammunition. The big banks are run by people who think they're privileged elites who have a right to control the rest of us. Move your accounts to local or regional banks and credit unions that have a proven track record of community involvement.

Vote with your wallet. Write to companies that engage in 'woke' politics. Let them know you don't approve of what they're doing, and if they continue, stop buying from them. Choose companies that better match your values. 

Just with the few suggestions above you can help change the world. If enough of us would simply stop using Google, close our Facebook accounts, stop buying from companies trying to impose the globalist's agenda upon us, open a credit union account, and never ever wear a face mask again, we could really begin to heal the world from the darkness that has sickened it.

It's up to you. Will you do it?

Don't Feed The Beast.

Google, Facebook (Meta), Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter are all part of the technocratic beast system that is working day and night to build a global digital prison that you'll never be able to escape from. There are other monsters in this hellish slave world: the World Economic Forum, the World Health Organization, the United Nations, international  bankers, and puppet governments all over the globe. All of them need to be fought and brought down.

But start where you are with what you can easily do: stop using all products and services made by the Fascist tech companies. There are alternatives. Use them.

Don't feed the beast. It isn't your friend. It's the enemy of humanity, morality, and freedom. Makes Censored Content Available In One Convenient Place.

More and more video producers are leaving fascist sites such as Google, YouTube, Spotify, and Vimeo to avoid censorship. But in doing so, conservative, libertarian, and other free speech voices are being scattered all over the internet, making their content hard to find.

Former Google employee and current whistleblower Zach Vorhies, the man who revealed how the world's biggest search engine silences facts and opinions that the global elites don't want you to know about, has created a new website called "".  Rather than being another video sharing site like BitChute or Odysee, Blast is an aggregator, which means it uses an algorithm to find and display videos from content creators no matter where the video is hosted. This means videos that might never see the light of day on a small hosting platform now have a chance to find an audience. 

According to Vorhies, "the way that it cracks through censorship is that it scans open video platforms like Rumble, like Bitchute, like Brighteon, like and looks for new content by the content creators that you love. It takes those new videos that it finds and brings it under one single website, called Blast.Video, where it serves it to you.” While that sounds good, when I visited the site almost every video it served up came from YouTube, with a few from Rumble. Videos from Odysee, Brighteon, GAB, BrandNewTube, Rofkin, D.Tube, and were few and far between, if they appeared at all. I'm not sure why this is, and there's no clear explanation on the site. The best I can determine is that it looks for new and trending content by creators on's current list and then serves the video from wherever the video is getting the most views, but that's giving YouTube an unfair advantage and leaving the small video hosting sites out of the game. No doubt this is substantially the fault of the content producers, many of whom still suck on YouTube's monetization teat and refuse to leave the beast despite their dishonest claims to care about human freedom. If you're in it for the money, at least admit it.

Despite it's current favoritism toward YouTube, it's still worth a look to see what's trending and possibly find new videos you wouldn't have found otherwise. But until they adjust the algorithm to give smaller hosting sites better visibility, I strongly suggest you keep those independent sites bookmarked and then visit them regularly. They can't stay in business without our support, and right now is keeping them unseen and unloved.

Fight The Beast.

Google: the official search engine of the beast system. Capturing your data and influencing your mind.

How To Dump Google Search: 2022 Update.

Google is the king of search. We automatically know what someone means when they tell us to “Google it”. But the company that once used the slogan “Don’t Be Evil” has become an international tech giant guilty of many evil deeds, including censorship on political grounds, tracking user’s search results, election interference, and selling our data to the highest bidders. Some security experts have said Google was founded with money from the CIA. And Senator Ted Cruz called Google the “most dangerous company on the face of the planet”. Google has become the first, and often only, search engine for almost everyone, but there are many other great options available, and with the risks associated with using Google, there’s really no reason to use it any longer.

If you want private, uncensored searches, switch to one of these alternatives. They all give good search results and they have solid privacy policies to protect their users.

Brave Search is a new player in the search engine game. Brought to you by the same people as the Brave browser, this search engine mainly pulls its results from Bing, but they’re in the process of expanding their own in-house search capabilities to reduce dependence on others and hopefully provide truly uncensored results. My early experiences with Brave Search have been impressive enough that I’ve made them one of my top three “go to” search engines. Brave is based in the United States and is subject to US laws and surveillance. That may scare some people away.

MetaGer is a German search site developed and run by the nonprofit organization, SUMA-EV–Association for Free Access to Knowledge. MetaGer protects against censorship by combining the results of multiple search engines. They use an anonymizing proxy to protect your privacy and they don’t track you or retain your search history. Metager is another one of my top three “go to” search engines.

Mojeek is a UK based search company that describes itself as “the alternative search engine that puts the people who use it first.” Mojeek was the first privacy respecting search engine and the only one that provides completely independent search results instead of simply harvesting results from other search engines. Mojeek is my default search engine, backed up by Brave Search and Metager.

Qwant is based in France and says their keywords are “privacy and neutrality”. Qwant encrypts your search requests, they don’t retain any personal data and they don’t track you. I’ve found their search results to be a little strange at times but if the other search engines aren’t giving you the results you’re looking for, give Qwant a try.

Gibiru is a California based search company that offers 256-bit HTTPS encryption, no logging of any kind, no cookies, no data selling, an option to add proxy/VPN, no ad tracking, and a strong commitment to privacy. When you do a search on Gibiru, at the top of the page you’ll see two tabs: one for ‘all results’, and another for ‘censored results’. As far as I’ve been able to determine, the censored results are basically what Google would show you. The ‘all results’ tab shows results from Google and any other search engines Gibiru pulls from, but it’s unclear what those other search engines are. Another neat feature from Gibiru is their Wormhole™ mobile app, which is a “browser-less application that allows you to surf the web completely anonymously with absolutely zero record of your searches and sites you visit. When you use the Gibiru Wormhole™, sites you visit are opened and viewable right thru the App.” The app is available for Android and Apple iOS.

Presearch is a newer entry to the world of search and it’s gained a lot of attention. They market themselves as a decentralized search engine powered by blockchain technology, and they offer a way to earn Pre tokens by doing searches. A strong feature anyone can appreciate is that you decide if want your search run on the Presearch engine or your choice of several external engines, including Google and DuckDuckGo. It’s all customizable which is something you can’t do with any other search engine that I’m aware of. Presearch is based in Ontario Canada, which may cause concern due to Canada’s continuing slide toward totalitarian Fascism.

SwissCows is a well respected search engine with solid privacy policies. Being based in Switzerland makes them safe from American or EU interference. Their top selling point is their family-friendly approach to search results. You won’t see any porn or other sexual content, which is great if you have children but potentially annoying if you live alone. Also at the moment they are collecting money to help Ukraine, a nation that is at least partially controlled by neo-Nazi’s and is currently at war with Russia. That’s a deal breaker for me.

DuckDuckGo is a popular choice based in the United States but I don't recommend it. While most review sites give them a thumbs up, over the years there have been many questions raised about just how honest the company is. They also have business agreements with Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft, none of which are known for protecting privacy or human rights. The website has an entire page on why no one should be using DuckDuckGo. Read it and then decide for yourself. In 2022 DuckDuckGo made the controversial decision to begin filtering search results to block or downplay information from Russia. Many free-speech advocates said they would leave DuckDuckGo because of this new policy. 

Yippy has gone out of business since the first version of this article was written. The domain now redirects to DuckDuckGo.

I’m often asked about a few other search engines that I haven’t featured before in my blog. Two are Startpage and Search Encrypt. Both are owned at least partially by advertising tech companies, meaning there’s no real guarantee your personal information won’t be tracked and sold to the highest bidder. Another is Ecosia, an environmentally focused German company that plants trees around the world. While their search results are good, their privacy policy causes concern. According to, “Ecosia collects all search queries and then anonymizes this data after seven days. They do a fair amount of data collecting through website analytics, including your IP address, browser agent, location, and more. And Ecosia assigns a Bing tracking ID to every user.” Still, if their environmental work is more important to you than your privacy, this may be an option you can feel good about.

Another one many people ask about is Searx. While this one has a lot of strong features, a major weakness is that Searx doesn’t have its own official server. You either install Searx on your own server, or you use public “instances”, which is where people you probably don’t know install Searx on their own server and then allow you, and everyone else, to use it. The problem is there’s no way to know what information the instance operators are collecting from you or what they’ll do with it. For that reason I can’t recommend it unless you control the server its installed on.

Times have changed and your choices have grown. Stop feeding the abusive tech giants that don’t respect you or your privacy. Make your next search a safer one.

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