New Documentary Exposes The Frightening Agenda Of Klaus Schwab.

Filmmaker Richard Jeffs has put together a great documentary that exposes Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Forum, and the global plans for a "great reset". Although similar films have been made before, this one brings together all the seemingly unrelated elements of Schwab's plan and shows us how they all lead to one place: communism. Or I should say, communism engineered by sociopaths and enforced by constant surveillance and artificial intelligence. A hellish world where the top 1/2 of one percent own everything, and the rest of us get crumbs, but only if we behave and obey the elites.

I highly recommend you watch 'Stakeholder Communism' and let it connect the dots about the frightening future heading our way, unless we rise up and stop it now.

You can watch it here, but if you prefer to see it on the Rumble site, here's the link: Stakeholder Communism

Socialists Have A Plan To Destroy America.

Mel K and Karlyn Borysenko

Mel K and Dr Karlyn Borysenko discuss the dangers of socialism and how this radical ideology has infiltrated American society. Borysenko says our schools have been taken over by Marxists and that conservatives are fighting a losing battle if we don't quickly learn the language and tactics of the left and how to effectively stop them from destroying our nation.

Demonic Possession Is Real.

Demonic possession is real. How else can you explain the evil behavior seen at 2023's Seattle Pride event? In this video by photojournalist Katie Daviscourt of The Post Millennial, a man tries to read scripture from the Bible but is constantly attacked and interrupted by a crazed gang of event participants. Later, they actually stole the man's Bible and ripped it up, laughing with sick pleasure over what they'd done. 

Watch the video and decide for yourself: are these LGBTQ+ intolerant bullies being spiritually controlled by demonic forces? It looks that way to me. 

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