They Want Your Property And Your Children.

chd financial rebellion

Catherine Austin Fitts, Carolyn Betts, and Polly Tommey of Financial Rebellion discuss how the global deep state doesn't want your money (they can print all they want). They want total control, and they want your property and your children. This is a new era of worldwide slavery, unless we stop it.

Depopulation Quotes For The Skeptical.

jacques cousteau depopulation quote

If you're reading my blog, odds are you're up to speed on the whole "depopulation" agenda. But in case you have lingering doubts, I found this short video (5 mins, 34 secs) full of quotes by famous people explaining why most of us should be killed. If you can watch this and still believe covid and the climate change scam are anything but schemes to reduce our numbers, there's probably not much hope for you; enjoy your delusions.

The Goal Is A Totalitarian Police State.

totalitarian police state

When you realize the goal is a totalitarian police state, everything we've been through makes sense:

A pandemic psy-op, cancel culture, censorship, travel restrictions, searches & seizures, frozen bank accounts, the climate change scam, constant propaganda, "hate" crime laws, arrests of whistleblowers, election fraud, the January 06 DC trap, forced injections of bio-weapons, vaccine passports, the encouragement of violence by the left, the breakdown of morality, the invasion of America's southern border, mass migration into European nations, digital ID, invasive airport security, infiltration & weakening of churches, mass consumption of prescription & illegal mind-altering drugs, governments compromised by the fascist World Economic Forum and the World Health Organization, the gradual elimination of cash, out-of-control inflation, the housing crisis, 9/11, endless contrived wars, The Patriot Act, surveillance cameras everywhere, militarized police forces, armed IRS agents, gun bans virtually worldwide, geoengineering (chemtrails), and the encouragement of people to spy on and report their friends, family, and neighbors to the authorities. And I probably missed several things.

Freedom is under attack around the world. We are heading toward a New World Order with the super-wealthy "elites" at the top, and a feudal or communist society for the rest of us, brutally enforced by government thugs and advanced technology. 

We stop it now, or we become slaves forever.

A Message To The Parasites:

warning to WEF & WHO

To the World Economic Forum and the World Health Organization: We did NOT elect you. You don't own us.

(Fuck around and find out.)

I Have No Desire To Fit In.

no desire to fit in meme

"I have absolutely no desire to fit in with a world that accepts tyrants for rulers."

This Is Psychological Warfare.

quote on psychological warfare

"You do realize...they are trying to mentally exhaust you and break you down. So when they attempt their next step in their plan... you just give up and fold and comply.

They think because you're tired and sick of arguing and just want shit to go back to normal you'll start giving up your freedoms.

I was not kidding when I said this is PSYCHOLOGICAL warfare.

It is NOT for the weak.

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