Anti-Zionism Isn't Anti-Semitism.

anti-Zionism isn't anti-semitism

With protests against Israel's atrocities in Gaza erupting on college campuses across the nation, propagandists working on behalf of Zionists are working overtime to spin the news in their favor. News reports and dishonest statements by our elected officials completely ignore the ongoing genocide while attempting to link support for Palestinians with Communism and Nazism. In the nation where freedom to assemble is a basic Constitutional right, police officers have been ordered to brutally assault and arrest people who are simply trying to stop the senseless murders of thousands of children in Gaza. But attempts to stop the protests have done nothing but reveal the dirty truth: America is ruled by Zionists. Our politicians, who receive hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars from lobbyists such as AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) are putting the interests of foreign nations ahead of their own, and then using police state tactics to hide their crimes. But we see it now. We know the motivation driving people like Mike Johnson, Mitch McConnell, Dan Crenshaw, Adam Schiff, and so many others.  It's not patriotism for the United States. It's money. It's greed. And possibly even a bit of blackmail and extortion. 

Dare we call it treason?

Your Money Finances Horrible Things.

meme about money financing war and death

What you do with your money really matters. Your taxes fund wars, genocides, corruption, surveillance, medical tyranny, weather manipulation, human trafficking, abortions, and the growing police state, among other things that destroy our freedom or crush the human spirit. Where you store your money also matters. Keeping deposits in the large criminal banks like JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo rewards their activity and prevents local banks from growing and serving their communities. Your purchases matter too. Many companies clearly don't have your best interests at heart and they use their power to fund disturbing things like digital ID, face scans, censorship, DEI, the trans agenda, illegal immigration, unhealthy food, and dangerous prescription drugs.

Think about your actions. Do you want it on your conscience that you're helping to finance immoral and anti-human activities? One day you may have to explain what you did, and "I didn't know" or "there was nothing I could do" probably won't be acceptable excuses.

Israel Owns American Politicians.

hakeem jeffries AIPAC

American politicians accept millions of dollars in campaign contributions from AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) and in return they do whatever American and Israeli Zionists tell them to do. These "bought and paid for" compromised elected officials will always put Israel ahead of the United States.

What's the story on AIPAC? According to their own website:

"AIPAC brings together Democrats and Republicans to advance our shared mission: Building bipartisan support for the U.S.-Israel relationship."

"We encourage the U.S. government to enact specific policies that create a strong, enduring and mutually beneficial relationship with our ally Israel."

"It is the largest pro-Israel PAC in America and contributed more resources directly to candidates than any other PAC. 98% of AIPAC-backed candidates won their general election races in 2022."

American politicians know: if they give unwavering and unending support to Israel, they'll be rewarded with money and a nearly 100% chance they'll win their next election. Politicians who don't play along are shunned and soon find themselves pushed out of office. AIPAC has pledged to spend over $100 million on campaigns this election cycle to defeat any congressional candidates critical of Israel.

Israel gets what Israel wants. And ultimately, we pay for it all while our own nation slides into third-world status. This is the power of AIPAC.

To learn more about AIPAC's agenda and tactics, take a look at this research by 'The American Prospect': AIPAC Talking Points Revealed

Belgian Farmers Are Fighting Tyranny.

In these scenes from Brussels, Belgium, farmers continue their resistance to European Union tyranny.

The farmers demonstrate how to handle illegitimate authority figures:

No farmers, no food. Support the rights of farmers to produce food on their land. To get the quick story on why the farmers are upset, read this fairly impartial report at Time magazine: What to Know About the Farmer Protests in Europe.

Stop Facial Recognition Surveillance.

facial recognition surveillance

Big Brother Watch

biometric Britain

Orwellian surveillancestop facial recognition


Facial recognition has no place in a free society. The technology can be abused, has been abused, and will be abused by tyrannical governments and the police forces they employ. Many people have already been falsely accused and arrested due to errors by facial recognition technology. All of us are potential victims. Although the technology can be used to reduce crime, its place is inside prisons, not surveilling the general public. Constant monitoring and tracking by the government crushes the human spirit, reducing us into little more than compliant, organic robots.

Learn more about this serious threat to freedom and how you can help stop it. 

Go to: for more information.

Socialists Have A Plan To Destroy America.

Mel K and Karlyn Borysenko

Mel K and Dr Karlyn Borysenko discuss the dangers of socialism and how this radical ideology has infiltrated American society. Borysenko says our schools have been taken over by Marxists and that conservatives are fighting a losing battle if we don't quickly learn the language and tactics of the left and how to effectively stop them from destroying our nation.

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