News Bites: February 28, 2024.

Trump is called a racist...again. Biden feels frisky. And Max Igan is silenced.

Donald Trump

The mind-control media is at it again, saying recent comments by Donald Trump are "as racist as they come". But as they typically do, they've taken an innocent statement and purposely chosen to be offended by it. Then they found some people who hate Trump to their core and used them to amplify their imagined harm. According to ABC News, "Trump’s comments were widely condemned by Black leaders, the Democratic Party and the White House". In other words, the usual suspects, many of them race-baiting Marxists, piled on and pretended to be offended in an effort to make orange man look bad.

What exactly did Trump say? 

“I got indicted for nothing, for something that is nothing. And a lot of people said that’s why the Black people like me, because they have been hurt so badly and discriminated against, and they actually viewed me as I’m being discriminated against.” 

That's obviously not a racist statement, and the black audience members didn't appear to be offended, but in the inverted world of Marxism, anything can be labeled 'racist' if it advances the radical left agenda, and the news media and opportunistic politicians are more than happy to play along. 

Quick quiz: Who said the following about Barack Obama? “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”

That was said in 2007 by Joe Biden, one of many racially insensitive comments made by Biden in his long and destructive career. The Democrats and the media have managed to sweep all of those comments beneath the rug, a rug that is probably the door mat at the White House.

news story Biden

Joe Biden had his annual physical today at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. Despite the fact that Biden doesn't seem to know where he is, walks like a man with dementia, and stumbles when climbing airplane stairs, his doctor gave him a clean bill of health. At least that's what they'd like you to believe. According to Dr. Kevin O'Connor, "President Biden is a healthy, active, robust, 81-year-old male who remains fit to successfully execute the duties of the presidency.” Wow, that's sounds good, until you realize his exam didn't include a cognitive test. Biden's neurologist doesn't believe he needs one, despite a recent special counsel’s report on the investigation into Biden's handling of classified documents that repeatedly derided Biden's memory, calling it “hazy,” “fuzzy,” “faulty,” “poor” and having “significant limitations.” It also noted that Biden could not recall defining milestones in his own life such as when his son Beau died or when he served as vice president.

It's hard to sleep at night knowing Biden has the codes to our nuclear arsenal and could possibly start World War 3.

Max Igan

I was watching Max Igan's latest video tonight and he made a disturbing revelation: He's just been permanently suspended from both Gettr and MeWe, two social media sites that claim to protect free speech. This happened after he posted a video critical of Israel. At the same time, Rumble has shadow-banned the same video on their platform. Rumble was created to give people like Max a place to speak freely after YouTube became little more than a mind-control device for the global deep state. Luckily, BitChute is hosting the video [Terrorism Is Made In Israel] without censorship, if you want to see it. Even if we disagree with them at times, people like Max Igan serve a valuable role by speaking out when others won't and pushing the boundaries to see just how dedicated to free speech some of these platforms really are. We know that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter/X, and YouTube are censoring voices of freedom, but Gettr, MeWe, and Rumble promised to be different. But at this point, they are failing.

Now For Sale At Target: Racism & Hate.

Not feeling "woke" enough? Stock up on white-hating leftist propaganda at your local Target store! Here are a few of the titles I found tonight:

Three books about two of the most dishonest, corrupt politicians the world has ever seen.

Get used to the "new normal" and the climate change scam! Bill Gates only wants to help us!

White people are evil! White supremacy is everywhere! Or so says this hateful racist book being promoted by Target.

You need to be a better white person! Target commands you. And Kamala's book is targeted at children. Sick.

Everyone Matters.

Everyone matters. Never apologize for your race. Push back against the Marxists who want to divide us with hatred, lies, and guilt. Racism is a tool the Left uses to disrupt society and bring about collapse so they can present themselves as the solution. Don't fall for their deception. It's a trap with no escape.

Waking Up With The House On Fire.

In 2020 everyone was wishing the year away, thinking 2021 would be better. Contrary as always I said "2020 is just the rehearsal. We're being conditioned for what's yet to come." We're now a couple of weeks in to Joe Biden's imaginary Presidency and the house we call America is on fire.

Nothing has been done about the alleged pandemic except to require people to wear face masks, something almost everyone has been doing for months. Public schools are still closed in many cities thanks to teacher's unions refusal to let their members go back to work. Biden has had nothing to say about it. Some Governor's and Mayor's have granted their slaves the right to reopen their businesses on a limited basis despite the fact that there's been no significant drop in new Covid cases, proving what we knew all along: the closures were always politically motivated. Biden and crew are working on a pandemic financial stimulus but most of the money will not go to anything or anyone directly affected by the pandemic. It's just more handouts to poorly run cities and labor unions, and no doubt they'll send more millions to mysterious overseas destinations.

As of a result of the January 6 attack on the US Capital, which we're now learning many people in our government knew about in advance and therefore could have prevented, or at least been better prepared for, Biden and his totalitarian regime are working feverishly to undermine our Constitution and destroy our basic rights. There's talk of radical gun control laws, mass censorship and elimination of free speech, and the deprogramming and re-education of conservatives. Political commentators on the extremist news site MSNBC have even suggested using drones to attack Trump supporters. Biden has had nothing to say about any of this either.

Millions of dollars are being spent on a sham impeachment of Donald Trump. It's unconstitutional to impeach a civilian, but that isn't stopping the Democrats from trying. But they've never cared about the Constitution anyway except when it advances their agenda.

On his first day in office, Biden sent troops into Syria for absolutely no reason. But this action is a good indicator that we'll soon be in a new war to benefit the military industrial complex. 

Compromised Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has announced she's open to new regulations on cryptocurrency, which is a nod to her bosses in the global banking industry.

The Keystone Pipeline project has been put on hold putting hundreds of thousands of blue collar workers out of work. But Biden's buddies in Russia and the Ukraine are really happy about it.

Women's sports have been destroyed thanks to Biden's unscientific executive orders on mentally ill transgender people.

Things are crazy. Facts no longer matter.

I'm not mad at Joe Biden. He's not in control. He's a puppet of the bankers and the global elite. We already knew Biden was a liar and a plagiarist and a traitor. Many voted for him anyway. 

But when you invite an arsonist into your house, you shouldn't be surprised when you wake up with your house on fire.

What did you expect?

You're Being Played.

The Democrats and their Socialist allies are using you. They divide people into groups and then tell each group that conservatives hate them and want them dead. But it's a lie. Conservatism in America is about freedom and opportunity for everyone. Get government off our backs. Let all of us rise as high as we can. Let there be no barriers to success but also no favoritism for anyone. We succeed or fail on our own merits. 

But Democrats and Socialists want you to fail. When you fail, often thanks to their oppressive style of government, they'll tell you it's because of your race, or your gender, or your nationality, or your sexual orientation and the way the horrible people on the right have oppressed you. But don't believe their lies. They don't like you. They don't respect you. In fact, they hate you and laugh at you. To them, you're a tool. They want power. All of it, and nothing less. They use you and tell you you're a victim. They say they're your ally and they'll help you. But they won't. They'll just keep lying to you until they have all the power and all the money and you're so pushed down and powerless you have nowhere to go and no food to eat. They'll have food. Lots of it. And huge nice homes to live in. You'll be living in a box.

History shows that what I've said is true. We've seen it before. 

But the Democrats won't tell you that. Because they don't care about the truth. They don't care about you.

They care about themselves. And they think you're stupid enough to keep their scam going.

Are you?

They Never Stop Lying.

rect20 780px.jpg  

The party of racism, censorship, intolerance, fascism, and dictatorships wants you to believe they'll protect your freedom. 

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