Scotland Has Fallen.

scotland bird registration

In addition to some of the harshest and oppressive restrictions on speech and expression in the world, Scotland is implementing a law that requires all birds, even a single pet bird, must be registered with the government due to "biosecurity" concerns. It's a ridiculous law based on the largely discredited theory of virology, the same quack science that was used to create the 2020 scamdemic and the subsequent toxic jabs falsely marketed as vaccines. Here is some of the text of the law:

Scottish Kept Bird Register:
"From 1 September 2024 all bird keepers - even those who keep a single bird - are required to register their birds on the new Scottish Kept Bird Register (even if previously registered on the GBPR), and to update their details at least annually." 

Scotland has been taken over by tyrants who don't give a damn about the nation's history and traditional culture. It's being turned into a multicultural experiment for the Marxist globalists. And for some reason, the people are allowing it to happen.

Rise up Scotland! Or crawl on your knees forever with Communist boots kicking you in the face.

The Totalitarian Police State Grows One Camera At A Time.

nc rest area camera

This new mobile camera was spotted today at the North Carolina rest area on I-40 westbound in Alamance county. There hasn't been a surge in crime at the rest area, so I can only conclude that the purpose of the camera is for the authoritarian state government to watch us a little harder than it could in the past. I have to wonder about the mental stability of people who spend taxpayer's money on surveillance gear like this. And as if the Orwellian spy camera isn't enough, nothing screams "police state" like the special parking space reserved for law enforcement. God forbid they have to hunt for a space like us common folks. I guess their need to piss is more important than yours or mine.

They Want Your Property And Your Children.

chd financial rebellion

Catherine Austin Fitts, Carolyn Betts, and Polly Tommey of Financial Rebellion discuss how the global deep state doesn't want your money (they can print all they want). They want total control, and they want your property and your children. This is a new era of worldwide slavery, unless we stop it.

Hypnotized Into Ignorance.

phone zombies

[credit: artist unknown]

Zombies receiving their programming and a manufactured reality while surrounded by the real world. Will they wake up? Will they look up?

The Situation Isn't Hopeless.

propaganda meme\

"If the situation was hopeless, their propaganda would be unnecessary."

I Have No Desire To Fit In.

no desire to fit in meme

"I have absolutely no desire to fit in with a world that accepts tyrants for rulers."

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