News Bites: March 03, 2024.

Torba pokes a hornet's nest. You'll soon own nothing and not be happy. And all the experts agree...sort of.

Andrew Torba

Gab CEO Andrew Torba created a bit of a storm on his social media site when he announced, with only 48 hours notice, that users would have to upgrade to paid status if they want to continue posting media files (photos, memes, videos) on the site. This didn't go over very well with users who have been on the site for years and now feel like Torba is shaking them down for cash. Apparently, standard (free) users who have made financial donations to Gab in the past still have to upgrade or else they'll be limited to text and link posts. It looks like quite a few members have already closed their accounts and others are threatening to do the same. Anger over the sudden decision has led some Gab members to dig in to Torba's past, and it's being said that Gab is a "honey pot" for law enforcement agencies and that Torba may be misrepresenting himself and the financial status of his company. Whether or not the accusations are true, I cannot say. But a scan of the posts on Gab shows a lot of people are asking questions and slinging criticism at the social media site they seemed to trust until now. We'll have to wait and see what happens over the next couple of weeks: will there be a mass exodus, will Torba back down on his new policy, or will this eventually blow over with no serious harm done? All I can say for now is that my account on Gab used to be the busiest of all the social media sites I'm on, and after the new policy went into effect, activity has dropped like a rock.

empty wallet has a new article about the seven things the middle class won't be able to afford in five years. To save you time, here's the list: Family trips, especially overseas - New cars - Private school tuition - Homeownership & real estate - Healthcare costs -  Leisure & travel in retirement - Safe investments for retirement.

Luckily, food didn't make the list, but if the predictions come true we'll going to be getting by with a lot less luxuries and comforts than we have now. In fact, the middle class of the near future may be a lot like living in poverty today. And mobility may be an issue too: the European Union has proposed a law that would make it illegal to repair cars that are over 15 years old, leaving only three options: buy a new car (which you won't be able to afford), carpool with someone who CAN afford a new car, or use public transit systems. But don't worry. I'm sure they're already planning 15-minute cities (urban prisons) near you, so you won't have anywhere to go anyway.

And finally, a humorous meme that's unfortunately the reality of the world today:

Wokam's razor

News Bites: February 28, 2024.

Trump is called a racist...again. Biden feels frisky. And Max Igan is silenced.

Donald Trump

The mind-control media is at it again, saying recent comments by Donald Trump are "as racist as they come". But as they typically do, they've taken an innocent statement and purposely chosen to be offended by it. Then they found some people who hate Trump to their core and used them to amplify their imagined harm. According to ABC News, "Trump’s comments were widely condemned by Black leaders, the Democratic Party and the White House". In other words, the usual suspects, many of them race-baiting Marxists, piled on and pretended to be offended in an effort to make orange man look bad.

What exactly did Trump say? 

“I got indicted for nothing, for something that is nothing. And a lot of people said that’s why the Black people like me, because they have been hurt so badly and discriminated against, and they actually viewed me as I’m being discriminated against.” 

That's obviously not a racist statement, and the black audience members didn't appear to be offended, but in the inverted world of Marxism, anything can be labeled 'racist' if it advances the radical left agenda, and the news media and opportunistic politicians are more than happy to play along. 

Quick quiz: Who said the following about Barack Obama? “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”

That was said in 2007 by Joe Biden, one of many racially insensitive comments made by Biden in his long and destructive career. The Democrats and the media have managed to sweep all of those comments beneath the rug, a rug that is probably the door mat at the White House.

news story Biden

Joe Biden had his annual physical today at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. Despite the fact that Biden doesn't seem to know where he is, walks like a man with dementia, and stumbles when climbing airplane stairs, his doctor gave him a clean bill of health. At least that's what they'd like you to believe. According to Dr. Kevin O'Connor, "President Biden is a healthy, active, robust, 81-year-old male who remains fit to successfully execute the duties of the presidency.” Wow, that's sounds good, until you realize his exam didn't include a cognitive test. Biden's neurologist doesn't believe he needs one, despite a recent special counsel’s report on the investigation into Biden's handling of classified documents that repeatedly derided Biden's memory, calling it “hazy,” “fuzzy,” “faulty,” “poor” and having “significant limitations.” It also noted that Biden could not recall defining milestones in his own life such as when his son Beau died or when he served as vice president.

It's hard to sleep at night knowing Biden has the codes to our nuclear arsenal and could possibly start World War 3.

Max Igan

I was watching Max Igan's latest video tonight and he made a disturbing revelation: He's just been permanently suspended from both Gettr and MeWe, two social media sites that claim to protect free speech. This happened after he posted a video critical of Israel. At the same time, Rumble has shadow-banned the same video on their platform. Rumble was created to give people like Max a place to speak freely after YouTube became little more than a mind-control device for the global deep state. Luckily, BitChute is hosting the video [Terrorism Is Made In Israel] without censorship, if you want to see it. Even if we disagree with them at times, people like Max Igan serve a valuable role by speaking out when others won't and pushing the boundaries to see just how dedicated to free speech some of these platforms really are. We know that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter/X, and YouTube are censoring voices of freedom, but Gettr, MeWe, and Rumble promised to be different. But at this point, they are failing.

The System Doesn't Like The Truth.

fact checkers

[image credit: artist unknown]

Fact checkers didn't exist until the truth started getting out.

Truth Is The New Hate Speech.

truth is the new hate speech

In today's inverted world, truth is the new hate speech and lies are the new truth. The global elites use a number of methods to advance their radical, totalitarian fascist agenda. Censorship is one of their favorites. By promoting misinformation far and wide and then silencing those with dissenting opinions, the general public begins to believe narratives that have few supporting facts and in many cases run contrary to what they can see with their own eyes. We saw it with the COVID scam, when we were told millions would soon die and bodies would be dropping to the street right in front of us. The bodies never dropped except in a few staged propaganda videos from China, but the fear-mongering worked anyway. People complied with every insane directive issued by the government, and even allowed unknown chemicals to be injected into their arms in the mistaken belief it would make them safe from a virus that has never been proven to exist. 

The same game is being played with the so-called climate change crisis. Fake science, faulty data, and outright lies are being used to once again trick the public into doing insane things that, rather than save humanity, may actually wipe out all life on the planet. People have actually been conned into believing that CO2 is poison when in truth it is the gas of life, without which plants couldn't survive. Without plants, nothing else lives. Right now, global CO2 levels are at one the lowest levels in history, but billionaire maniacs want to suck it out of the air and pump it deep underground. It's madness, but we're told it's "science". 

Many people are trying to speak up about the misinformation being spread by the global elites and their partners in government and the news media, and quite a few of them have lost their jobs, their medical licenses, and their formerly good reputations simply for telling the truth. 

And now a new tactic is being tried to silence not just scientists and doctors, but every one of us who dares to repeat something on social media. Hate speech rules and laws, which were created by Communists, are being used to censor dissenting opinions on all kinds of subjects. "Hate speech" has never been defined by anyone trying to enforce it, but that's on purpose. The more vague a rule is, the more it can be used to shut people up. Recently it's even been used to describe comments protesting the ongoing genocide of children in Gaza. People who have dared to defend Palestinians have been called "Hamas supporters", and then they're labeled as "anti-Semitic". And being anti-Semitic gets you banned for spreading hate speech. It's a huge leap from defending children to hating Jews, but it's an effective way for the elites to control the narrative and shame or silence anyone who fails to toe the line. You can expect similar nonsense in the future for anything that is part of the elite's agenda: central bank digital currency, 15 minute cities, surveillance, social credit scores, vaccinations, gender issues, pedophilia, or replacing meat with insects. I'm not sure how they'll be able to label carnivores as spreaders of hate speech, but you can bet someone at some international organization is working on the language right now. 

How do we fight it? By telling the truth whenever we can. wherever we can, as loud as we can. Keep your facts straight and never back down to those who want to twist and flip reality into something only a fool could believe. Overwhelm the lies with truths and we'll have a fighting chance to get back on a path to sanity.

In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act. 

Free Speech Still Not Allowed At Twitter Despite Claims By Elon Musk.

Is the new Twitter the same as the old Twitter? Is the social media platform, now called 'X', nothing more than a controlled site that promotes the agenda of the deep state establishment? Yes, and yes, if my experience and the experiences of others I've talked to are any indication. 

I joined Twitter earlier this year and slowly but surely gained followers. But I noticed very little engagement with my tweets. I added hashtags, followed influential people, and interacted with others regularly. But my numbers wouldn't budge. After several months of steady tweets, I saw that the vast majority were only viewed by one or two people. Twitter simply wasn't showing my posts to anyone, not even to my followers who wanted to see them. I've been shadow-banned before on other platforms, but never to this extent. I was literally invisible to almost everyone. Remember when Elon Musk said “the new Twitter policy is freedom of speech, but not freedom of reach”?  Obviously he wasn't joking about that. Because two weeks ago I logged into my account and saw this: "Your account is suspended".

I was surprised, as I'd gotten no warnings from Twitter concerning any of my posts, other than this notice I once got from the thought-police department: "Most Tweeters don't post replies like this. We're asking Tweeters to review replies with potentially harmful or offensive language. Want to take another look before Tweeting?"

I didn't think my tweet was offensive and it broke no rules, so I posted it despite the A.I. generated attempt to censor me. Nothing more was heard of it. I continued posting news articles and commentaries from a libertarian and conservative perspective. I never posted anything that could be considered "hate speech". I never bullied anyone. I did my best to make sure my posts were factual. I played by their rules, even refraining from posting some things on Twitter that I posted on true free speech platforms such as GAB and Brighteon. My account was suspended anyway. I assume I was kicked out due to my persistent protests of the misinformation, propaganda, and outright lies being vomited out every day by deep state hacks and the useful Communist idiots they employ. I went after the big guns on Twitter: Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, The Democratic Party, Adam Kinsinger, George Takei, Hakeem Jeffries, Ted Lieu, and Lincoln Project founder Rick Wilson. I suspect one of them got tired of me exposing their nonsense and then took steps to get rid of me. 

I appealed my permanent suspension and asked what I had done wrong to warrant the action. I've received no reply. It made me wonder what Musk meant when he said "To be super clear, I'm pro free speech, but against anti-Semitism of any kind". Nothing I ever tweeted was "anti-Semitic", so his claim of being "pro free speech" seems hollow and fake.

To make sure my case wasn't an isolated incident, I went on other social media platforms and heard from several other people who had also been suspended from Twitter. None of them knew why. All of them are libertarians and conservatives. This is interesting because socialists, communists, and deep-state propagandists don't seem to be getting suspended or shadow-banned. But a conservative (Olivia Krolczyk) who complained about pedophilia permanently lost her account? How does this make any sense unless Twitter and Musk aren't being honest about the purpose of the platform?

We really shouldn't be surprised by the decisions made by Twitter. Despite his grand promises, Musk hired Linda Yaccarino as the company's CEO. Yaccarino previously worked on a covid vaccine propaganda campaign for Joe Biden and she's also been linked to the dreaded World Economic Forum. Choosing someone with that sort of history suggests Musk never was serious about free speech. In my opinion he's using free speech as bait to get conservatives to come back to Twitter. He needs more people to be active on the platform so he can generate ad revenue, and he needs to please the deep state to keep his business operating. Keep in mind his business is more than just Twitter; he also relies on government contracts and subsidies for Tesla, SpaceX, Starlink, and The Boring Company, and he needs government approval for his Neuralink brain implants. So while Musk may truly believe in free speech, at least for himself, he can't remain as the world's richest man if the bites the hands that feed his projects.

But he can bite Twitter users without fear or explanation. And he does, frequently.

Joe Biden Gaslights Us About Censorship & The Canceling of History.

A few days ago on Twitter, Joe Biden or his handlers posted this: "At a time when some seek to ban books and bury history, we're making it clear that we can't just choose to learn what we want to know. We should learn everything - the good, the bad, and the truth of who we are as a nation. That's what great nations do."

We're all used to Biden's lies. Rarely a day goes by without something dishonest slipping past his lips. But this particular post really fired me up. Since his installation as President in 2021, he has worked harder to censor free speech than any other President in history. He has bullied social media networks to silence dissenting opinions, he has weaponized the DOJ to go after his political opponents, and he has stayed silent as his allies in the Democratic Party have pushed the cancel-culture woke agenda across America. 

Biden's attempts to censor have been so aggressive and dangerous that when a federal appeals court was hearing the Justice Department’s appeal of a July 4 decision in Missouri v. Biden, Federal Judge Terry Doughty’s opinion condemned the Biden administration for potentially “the most massive attack against free speech in United States’ history.” The case involved Biden's attempts to bully social media companies into suppressing millions of posts and comments by Americans.

In another case, America First Legal (AFL) filed a lawsuit against the US Department of State, alleging covert activities surrounding the Biden administration’s outsourcing of censorship through the Global Engagement Center (GEC). AFL says GEC was hired to enable the outsourcing of the Biden administration’s propaganda and censorship efforts to leftist nonprofit groups. Critics go on to say, “Citing ‘misinformation,’ ‘disinformation,’ and ‘malinformation’ as a pretext, the Biden Administration has launched an unprecedented assault against the First Amendment. (source:

Biden's continuous attacks against free speech make his tweet about banning books seem disingenuous, at best.

But what about his tweet saying others are trying to "bury history"? Is he being honest about that? Sadly, no. Biden is referring to the Florida State Board of Education's new curriculum that says “slaves developed skills which, in some instances, could be applied for their personal benefit.” The radical left, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris included, have worked overtime lying about the curriculum and claiming it requires students to be taught that slavery itself was a good thing. Anyone with more than a couple of brain cells can see through the left's dishonesty and understand what's really being taught in Florida: slaves did in fact learn useful skills while working for others. We can say that while still condemning the hideousness of slavery. The left wants us to ignore the truth and pretend nothing positive came out of slavery, because that's the politically correct way to think. But anyone who has suffered hardships in life knows they learned something in the process and possibly came out the other side a better person...stronger if nothing else. This applies whether the hardship was slavery, prison, the onset of a physical handicap, the death of a child, or even a really bad relationship. I don't wish any of those things on anyone, but when it does, you do your best, you endure, you learn, and you move on. What you shouldn't do is turn it into an opportunity for political gain.

Since Biden is accusing his opponents of burying history and saying we "should learn everything - the good, the bad, and the truth of who we are as a nation", let's see how that's worked out so far. Here are a few reminders of the radical left embracing the exact opposite of Biden's words, tearing down historical statues in a short-sighted effort to bury the past to better suit their Marxist agenda:

Portland, Oregon: Thomas Jefferson statue toppled by BLM supporters:

Minneapolis, Minnesota: Christopher Columbus statue knocked over by leftists & native Americans:

Salisbury, North Carolina: Confederate statue removed by city officials to appease the left:

Denver, Colorado: Confederate statue removed by city officials to appease the left.

As is typical, Joe Biden is being dishonest and deceptive when he talks about book bans, censorship, and American history. But we needn't be surprised. Those who push the poison of Marxism, whether they call themselves progressives, Democrats, socialists, or communists, rarely struggle with ethics, morality, or the truth. In their world, the end always justifies the means, and if that means silencing their opponents and rewriting history, they're all for it.

I leave you with this quote from Lee Hyeon-seo, a political activist who defected from North Korea:

"In communism, we never had any freedom - of movement, of speech, of press. We didn't even make own decisions for our lives, our future. We were human robots."

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