Notes From Clown World: June 23, 2024.

bill nye

Bill Nye, not a science guy, was on ABC’s “This Week” to discuss the recent hot weather, also known as "summer". Nye told the (hopefully small) audience: 

“It’s the beginning of the new normal, with respect. So the latest — the latest research is that there’s not a turning point or a tipping point or a knee in the curve. It’s just going to get hotter and hotter and worse and worse and more and more extreme. So this is a taste of the normal of the future unless we, humankind, get to work and address it."

How should we address it, Bill? Will massive carbon taxes that benefit the super-wealthy do the trick? Will locking people inside 15-minute cities and restricting access to travel, food, water, electricity, and fuel solve our problems? Or should we just go back in time and enjoy the austere lifestyle of the pre-industrial era? Maybe what we should be doing is questioning if there is a real problem at all. Despite the climate-change cult's claims about the weather, the truth is that reasonably accurate temperature records only go back just over 100 years. That's not long enough for anyone to make definitive claims about what is happening now or what will happen next. And even if temperatures are rising, many (honest) climate scientists say human activity can't affect it in any significant way. If humans ARE responsible for climate change, I'd suspect government experiments like H.A.A.R.P. and flight-based geoengineering are doing far more harm than your neighbor's old Dodge Dart that he refuses to get rid of. Elon Musk's rockets and the Pentagon's endless wars probably aren't very healthy, either.

And why isn't Nye talking about the Grand Solar Minimum that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is predicting will begin in 2030? This will be a decade of no sunspots, an event has not occurred in as long as humanity has been counting sunspots. The few scientists who are willing to talk about it say we'll be experiencing extreme global cooling which could even be a mini ice age. Crops won't grow, people will die of famine, and governments will collapse. That certainly sounds like a greater threat to humanity than anything the climate-change cult is screaming about.

Bill Nye is free to say what he wants. But I'm free to tell you he's not a meteorologist and therefore shouldn't be trusted as a reliable source on a subject as 'heated' as climate change. His training is as a mechanical engineer but he's spent most of his life as a comedian and a television presenter. Nye is a lifetime left-leaning Democrat and he limits his carbon footprint by only owning two homes. [source: Wikipedia]

news coverage about bird flu

The global deep state continues to pump out fear-porn about "bird flu". Now they're claiming the mythical virus has jumped to cats, and the occasional dog. The first question anyone should ask is, "why are they testing cats for bird flu?". The answer is that the more tests they give, using the same discredited PCR tests that artificially fueled the COVID pandemic psyop, the more "cases" they can claim to have found. Then the mind-control news media can talk about the cases and transmit fear and anxiety to an audience that should know by now that the media can't be trusted. Once the public is sufficiently frightened, politicians and health officials with control issues will begin issuing mandates that will strip us of our freedom while doing nothing for our health. And we can't ignore that these same madmen are already murdering millions of animals based on that same PCR test, so expect meat prices to soon rise dramatically, before food disappears completely from your grocer's shelves. We're facing hard times, unless we stop sitting on our hands and actually do something to save ourselves. Maybe it's time to form militia's that are willing to stand up to the armed government thugs who are destroying our food. If not now, when?

2024 presidential debate

And my last story of the day: the first presidential debate of 2024 is coming up. Unfortunately, the uniparty is blocking independent candidate Robert F Kennedy Jr from participating. Debate host CNN, working in collusion with both the Biden and the Trump campaigns, created artificially strict qualifications that had to be met before a candidate could be on the stage, qualifications that Biden and Trump automatically met but no one else could. Once assured of his exclusion, the misinformation media loudly announced that RFK Jr failed to qualify, without explaining how corrupt the process had been or making any mention of how keeping him out of the debate harms our democratic process. Neither Biden nor Trump spoke up in defense of Kennedy, probably because they know he's the smartest of the three and would make the uniparty candidates look like the establishment fools that they are.

This pathetic attempt to silence RFK Jr only serves to prove how corrupt our political system has become. Although I haven't endorsed any candidate yet, here's the link to Kennedy's campaign site. Unlike CNN and the uniparty, I think everyone should have the chance to hear from other candidates so you can at least make an informed decision. 

Kennedy24 website

Notes From Clown World: May 11, 2024.

news about Rudy Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani has been suspended from his radio show on WABC. Station owner John Catsimatidis said “We’re not going to talk about fallacies of the November 2020 election." This is the latest of an endless string of censorship efforts against Americans who are rightfully concerned about the outcome of the 2020 elections. That election was essentially a coup by the deep state for the benefit of the Marxists who are trying to destroy our nation so it can be rebuilt under Communism. But increasingly, we're not allowed to talk about it. Despite mountains of evidence, the mind-control media labels our concerns as "baseless allegations" while activist judges refuse to even look at the proof. If that wasn't bad enough, lawfare has been waged against those who have managed to gain any attention and traction in their efforts to expose the truth.

Love him or hate him, Rudy Giuliani has the right to speak his mind about 2020 or anything else he wants to talk about. But as the dark shadow of totalitarianism spreads across the planet, the shutting down of discussions is becoming a daily thing...unless you're speaking on behalf of the radical left.

Dominic Cummings

Finally, some sanity out of the United Kingdom! I was beginning to wonder if any sane people still lived in the island kingdom, but Dominic Cummings, a former advisor to Boris Johnson, has come out with harsh words to describe NATO's ridiculous war in Ukraine. In an interview with I News, Cummings said, "“We should have never got into the whole stupid situation." He also described Ukraine as a “corrupt shit-hole that doesn’t matter at all." He added, "This whole Ukrainian corrupt mafia state has basically conned us all and we’re all going to get fucked as a consequence. The lesson we’ve taught Putin is that we’re a bunch of total fucking jokers. I mean, Putin already knew that before the war. But this has emphasized it and broadcast it to the entire world, what a bunch of clowns we are.”

Hearing the truth is refreshing, don't you think?

NASA moon train

NASA (Not A Space Agency) has announced their plan to build a levitating robot train on the moon. You might want to read that again. Yes, the fake space agency that still claims they put men on the moon using technology far less advanced than your $40 cell phone wants you to think they can actually complete this daft project. I suspect the billions of dollars that will be spent on this will actually be funneled to various black-ops projects in support of the demonic deep state before NASA eventually admits their grand scheme is a failure. They'll blame Russia, China, or Trump, and our tax burden will increase to cover the scam.

wanted poster for manhole monsters

Finally, I found this post in Dr Lee Merritt's Telegram channel. She posted it without comment, because what can you really say about it? Although it's most likely a joke put up by someone with a twisted (but fun) sense of humor, there have been a lot of discussions lately about alleged underground wars against creatures of some sort. Dr Merritt has been posting news reports about manhole explosions in cities around the world, and special units of the American armed forces have received training in subterranean combat. Many people believe humanity is secretly controlled, or at least influenced, by a race of reptilians who prefer to stay out of sight. And I've long said that UFO's and space aliens don't come from space at all. I think they live here, with us, possibly in the inner earth. There's a reason our attention is focused on the infinity of space: it stops us from looking beneath our feet.

Think about that the next time you go for a walk alone in the woods.

What They Really Mean By 'Net Zero'.

net zero graphic

[to view a larger, high resolution version of the above graphic, click here.]

In this fascinating graphic provided by The Light Paper UK, we're shown what the climate cultists actually plan to do to reach their insane 'Net Zero' carbon goals. As you can see, if successful, their plans will radically change modern society and actually plunge us into something similar to the Medieval Times, except with less freedom. Unlike those times we'll have electricity, but thanks to the limitations of renewable energy, there won't be enough volts to go around to keep all of us mobile, entertained, or even mildly comfortable. Recreational travel will be eliminated, unless you're one of the wealthy elites who never think rules apply to them. And natural food will be a thing of the past, replaced by lab-grown nuggets of god-knows-what. 

All of this will be done to reduce carbon dioxide, the gas of life, without which all life on the planet ceases to exist. And these daft plans completely ignore a different scenario many scientists are predicting: a solar minimum that will start before 2030 and last up to 35 years. During this time, the planet will cool off dramatically in a mini-ice age. It's not global warming that we have to worry about. Global freezing is the real threat. Why aren't we being warned? Millions of people will die if the planet cools but we don't have fossil fuels available to generate heat. 

We truly are ruled over by maniacs.

Documentary Exposes The Greed And Bad Science Propping Up The Climate Change Hoax.

It's hard to avoid all the propaganda being spread worldwide by the globalist-owned news sites about global warming and climate change. Day after day they scream about frightening weather-related catastrophes predicted for the planet. Politicians and NGO's* warn that CO2 is a dangerous pollutant causing temperatures to rise along with sea levels. The hysteria has gotten so extreme I suspect some people think the oceans could begin to boil at any minute. And all of this doom & gloom is caused by human activity, we're told, with the only solution being to permanently shut down everything that isn't powered by wind or solar.

Is climate change a real threat, or are we being led down yet another dishonest, if not insane, path?

The documentary "The Great Global Warming Swindle" answers that question. It features some of the top scientists from respected institutions who tell how the entire climate change narrative has achieved cult-like status, becoming bigger than life while ignoring reality. You'll learn how the huge amounts of money being thrown at this imaginary problem have turned it into a profit monster no one is willing to turn off. Most importantly, you'll learn the real science behind our climate and why you don't need to worry about the polar bears. Spoiler alert: they'll do fine without our help.

['Hoax' image by Jeffrey Czum via][*NGO=Non-Governmental Organization]

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