Notes From Clown World: July 08, 2024.

TSA airport security

"More than three million pass through U.S. airport security in a day." Nothing says "Independence Day" like waiting in line to be probed and fondled in a TSA humiliation ritual. As I've said before, airport security is obedience training for humans, in addition to being humiliating. It serves no real purpose except to let us know that the government is in charge and we had better obey them if we want to go anywhere much farther away than the local 7-Eleven. Look at the photo above. Isn't that the most pathetic thing you've ever seen? Hundreds of taxpayers, who have deluded themselves into thinking they are "free", are dutifully lined up like cattle for their turn at the hands of government agents who have the power to steal their stuff, stop them from traveling, and even arrest them if they misbehave in any way. How is the line at airport security much different than the cafeteria line in a prison? And yet they weave through the fabric corral, thinking "that's just the way it is". 

One day, probably sooner than we expect, our acquiesence to tyranny will lead to much worse horrors than having a TSA agent rubbing our genitals. So either stand up for your God-given rights, or get ready for a lot more humiliation.

headline about hot weather

In case you haven't heard, it's now Summer in the northern hemisphere, and that means it's hot. Temperatures have reached 100 degrees (Fahrenheit) in many parts of the United States, and in Death Valley temps shot up to 129 degrees, which seems extreme but still isn't the hottest day on record. Reasonably intelligent people know that it's hot in the summer and even hotter in the desert. But the mind-control specialists in the news media want you to think that the temperatures we're seeing are some freak event, no doubt caused by man-made climate change. It's not that big fiery ball in the sky that's making you sweat. And it's not geoengineering either. Your armpits are moist because people are selfish and irresponsible: How dare you cook beef on a gas grill (insects or tofu, anyone?). How dare you not go into massive debt to buy an electric car that isn't actually eco-friendly but let's pretend it is, okay? How dare you use air conditioning when you could just as easily drop ice cubes in your underwear. Stop being selfish and get with the globalist's program of totalitarian, I mean...go green!

I wonder how long it's going to be before the self-proclaimed experts and their news media puppets begin saying that people are dying "with climate-related complications", similar to how they claimed everyone who died had "COVID". I can imagine someone being found dead after being hit by a car, and the hospital writes it up as "death from impact related to climate", or some similar nonsense. Uncle Bob may be 100 years old when he finally dies, but if he's still warm to the touch when they find him, that's climate change! Maybe you should have hosed him down before you called the paramedics.

scam victim

People are becoming stupid. Yes, people have always been sort of stupid but now they're becoming REALLY stupid. My apologies to the woman pictured above. I pulled the image from a Telegram channel post and it made me think about the current data processing abilities of people in 2024. I don't mean to pick on her, but really Ms Leeks, how could you not know it wasn't really Kevin Costner you were giving your money to?

It's not just Ms Leeks I'm worried about. People everywhere are becoming downright loopy. At the grocery store self-checkout lanes, customers can't figure out how to scan the barcodes on their ultra-processed toxic frozen dinners. The credit card machine seems especially vexxing for many.  Social media posts are full of questions about the most basic tasks of life, as if people had gone straight from the womb to adulthood. I still see people alone in their cars, their faces covered up by useless paper surgical masks to protect them from the COVID that didn't exist four years ago and certainly doesn't exist now. And driving is especially dangerous, with people seemingly too feeble minded to realize they're supposed to stop at red stoplights, not turn right on red when the big sign says "No Right Turn On Red", or realize more than two seconds in advance that their exit is coming up. Why think ahead when you can just sweep across three lanes of congested traffic to turn in to the Walmart? Just a couple of nights ago I was driving home on a six lane highway and it began to rain. It wasn't a heavy rain; just a mild shower. Immediately almost every driver hit their brakes, slowed to a crawl, and turned on their hazard flashers as if they were splashing through a monsoon. Because of how everyone was spaced across all the lanes, I had to weave around to get past this blob of morons afraid of raindrops. People weren't afraid to drive in the rain five years ago. Now, it's a crisis event.

Are people losing their minds? Is the fluoride in the water finally taking its toll? Have televisions destroyed our critical thinking skills? Is the aluminum in the chemtrails making us retarded? Or, as one study suggests, are the COVID vaccines causing dementia? Will we soon have thousands of brain-injured people roaming around Death Valley, looking for the airport security queue and wondering why it's hot?

Sadly, the evidence suggests, "yes".

Notes From Clown World: June 20, 2024.

lindsey graham and richard blumenthal

These two creatures from the deep state, uniparty Senators Richard Blumenthal and Lindsey Graham, have shamelessly introduced legislation that declares Russia is a "state sponsor of terror". 

"The bill introduced Thursday would require the State Department to classify Russia as a state sponsor of terror, which would unlock a new set of sanctions, restrict any U.S.-based foreign aid, and severely curtail immunity for Russia from suits in the U.S. If the bill passes, U.S. nationals could sue a state sponsor of terror for offenses like torture, extrajudicial killing and hostage-taking." [source: The Hill]

As usual, the deep state is accusing another nation of doing exactly what the occupied United States government has been doing for decades: creating wars, arming terrorists, overthrowing foreign governments, torturing prisoners, and kidnapping political opponents. 

And now a little background info on Blumenthal and Graham:

Richard Blumenthal is a Jewish Democrat from Connecticut with a net worth of more than $100 million, despite being a "public servant" for most of his life. Apparently he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and he married into money. And despite all his anti-Russia pro-war rhetoric, "Blumenthal received five draft deferments during the Vietnam War, first educational deferments, then deferments based on his occupation. In April 1970, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps Reserve, which, as The New York Times noted, "virtually guaranteed that he would not be sent to Vietnam"." [source: Wikipedia]

Lindsey Graham is a pro-Zionist Republican and war-hawk from South Carolina. He was practically created by the deep state, having spent most of his life either in the military (as a military judge) or holding various public offices. Other than being a solid supporter of war and genocide, Graham seems unable to stand by his own beliefs. In 2015, he said "You know how you make America great again? Tell Donald Trump to go to hell." In February 2016, Graham said of Trump: "I think he's a kook. I think he's crazy. I think he's unfit for office." But in November 2017, Graham criticized the media's reporting on Trump: "What concerns me about the American press is this endless, endless attempt to label the guy some kind of kook not fit to be president." [source: Wikipedia]

With "leaders" like Blumenthal and Graham in Washington DC, is it any wonder our nation has become an empire in decline, desperately accusing other nations of crimes to divert attention away from the rot that is destroying us from within?

birds being culled due to bird flu

Speaking of the deep state, it looks like they're going all-out in their attempts to create a new pandemic. Their servants in the media have been pumping out endless stories about cases of bird flu simultaneously popping up all over the world, just like they claimed COVID did. But the only way birds, and now cows, are getting sick at the same time on multiple continents is if they're being purposely infected or poisoned, most likely to create the impression that a global pandemic is beginning. Like COVID, this psyop is being driven by cases, not actual sick animals. Using the same PCR technology that was fraudulently used to scare people into rolling up their sleeves for the toxic jabs immorally called "vaccines", health officials are testing chickens and cows to find anything they can claim is going to cause a new pandemic. A single case is enough to trigger the mass murder of millions of animals that aren't really sick. This in turn is hurting our food supply, and taken to its extreme, could eventually result in worldwide famine and millions of human deaths. It will also be used as an excuse for more lockdowns, masking, and forced vaccinations, as well as travel bans. But it's all a big scam, another step forward in the deep state's agenda of creating a one-world totalitarian government. 

The big question is: will enough people realize they're being conned again?

Starlink satellite map

And speaking of cons, Elon Musk just launched another batch of Starlink satellites into space. The image above gives you an idea of how many satellites he intends to deploy; enough to blanket most of the planet. This is a hugely expensive project that I suspect is being paid for by US taxpayers via the Department of Defense, the NSA, and the CIA. Elon Musk likes to use other people's money rather than his own to fund his companies, so a partnership with the US government would work well for both him and the government. Musk gets to brag about bringing internet access to the entire world, and the feds get a global surveillance network without raising any alarms that they might be up to something shady. I think it's safe to assume that every bit of data that touches a Starlink satellite will be directly routed through the NSA's computers. I suppose to keep it sort of legal they'll send American traffic to MI6 or Mossad. Regardless, there should be no expectation of privacy when using Musk's new system. But beyond sniffing data, I believe intelligence agencies will be using Starlink satellites for other surveillance and social control activities related to the deep state's agenda of a one-world totalitarian government. I suspect they'll be a vital part of "15 minute cities" and the technocratic world where most people are chipped and connected to the A.I. hive mind. Worldwide internet coverage will be needed for such a system. 

So, take a look at the that photo again.

Bird Flu Is Just Another Psyop To Scare Us Into Giving Up Our Freedom.

Fear-mongering health officials doing the bidding of the global elites are working overtime to create the next pandemic. Even though COVID didn't fit any reasonable definition of a pandemic, most of the public doesn't know it. And they also don't know the next pandemic won't really be a pandemic either. All they'll know is what the lying news media tells them, amplified by workplace and social media gossip. They're going to hear scary stories such as the one about the guy in Mexico who, we're told, dropped dead from bird flu. They won't be told that the deceased had serious health conditions that were the real reason he was hospitalized. No one will ask why he was tested for H5N1, the "virus" blamed for bird flu, even though the deceased had no prior contact with animals. And they certainly won't be told that Mexican officials deny the World Health Organization's claims that the man's death was caused by bird flu. He actually died from kidney failure, but that's not frightening enough for us to accept the widespread culling of millions of chickens or entire herds of cows. They need an invisible, stealthy, and lethal enemy if we're to give up our freedom, meat-based protein, and bodily autonomy. Bird flu will do the job perfectly. Of course, just like with COVID, H5N1 hasn't been isolated and proven to cause any diseases, but with intense propaganda coupled to normal annual flu deaths, the illusion of another pandemic can be created.

Toby Rogers bird flu tweet

Mexican officials refute bird flu claims

Toby Rogers not doing bird flu

The question is: how many people will fall for it this time? Certainly not as many as in 2020. There's been a massive awakening in the past four years and skepticism of the medical industry is at an all-time high. We no longer blindly trust whatever someone in a white lab coat tells us. We ask questions. We want proof. But all the establishment can give us are lies and censorship of the truth. So keep your mind strong and be ready to fight off whatever fake news and fear they throw at us over the next few months. The attacks will be intense and non-stop. Many of our friends and family members will surrender and submit. It's up to the rest of us to push through and bring human society back to sanity. And then comes justice.

Dr. Stefan Homburg Confirms COVID Was A Lie.

In this presentation (8 mins, 47 secs) German Professor, Dr. Stefan Homburg, confirms COVID was a lie, an illusion created by governments to take complete control over us.

“There were no more severe respiratory illnesses than usual in 2020 and 2021. The idea of a "pandemic" arose exclusively from new types of mass testing without cause, the results of which fluctuated enormously and led the public to believe that there were more sick people and deaths than usual. Which was not true."

Document Link: Corona: Five Official Facts by Prof. Dr. Stefan Homburg

Medical Science Is Now A Tool Of Oppression.

fda warning about bird flu

Revving up the fear machine: the public is being conditioned to accept the next big disruption. I don't think a new human pandemic with lockdowns will happen, but I do think bird flu will be used as the excuse to wipe out our food supply and create social unrest, panicking, and possibly rioting & looting. This will give our Zionist overlords the excuse they need to impose martial law. But if bird flu doesn't scare enough people, maybe they'll try whooping cough. 

Oops, they already did.

news headlines about whooping cough

The whooping cough propaganda is obviously a ploy to frighten parents into conforming with insane childhood vaccine schedules that governments impose upon healthy kids. It's big money for Big Pharma, greedy doctors, and bribed politicians. As increasing numbers of informed parents back away from unsafe & ineffective jabs, the control system has to pull them back in, using whatever dishonest tactics they can dream up. Side effects? They'll be hidden for eternity, with any data leaks immediately labeled as "misinformation".

Since 2020 we've lived in a world of constant, endless warnings of diseases and constant, endless propaganda to convince us we need constant, endless injections of mystery chemicals to stay alive. We're now experiencing the early stages of the biosecurity state, where everyone is considered to be dirty and diseased and a threat to others. Fake health scares have become the norm, followed by oppressive countermeasures pulled straight out of the most dystopian sci-fi movies you've ever seen. Increasing numbers of doctors no longer believe that viruses cause communicable diseases, yet viruses remain the number one tool of fear and control. We know "social distancing" rules had no scientific basis, yet people still keep their distance from others as if an angry monkey was about to attack. Face masks have been debunked so many times I've lost count, yet at every mention of a "disease outbreak", weak-willed politicians start talking about bringing back mask mandates. And every medical condition short of toe fungus seems to have its own vaccine now.

The reasons are clear. Many people are horribly ignorant, knowing nothing but what's been fed to them by the social controllers running almost all news media companies. They fear illness and death and they're desperate to avoid them both. And tyrannical politicians take advantage of ignorance and fear to push an agenda of totalitarian control. The people who rule over us want us tagged, cataloged, and tracked from the cradle to the grave. They want us to be completely obedient and spiritually broken. They don't want us rising out of poverty. They want us to be dependent on them, unable and unwilling to rise up and threaten their authority.

Medical science is the easiest way to achieve all that. Frightful propaganda throws us into a panic, ready to accept whatever limits to our freedom the government demands. As we saw during the COVID psyop, many people will ignore what they see with their own eyes and shut off all critical thinking when the fear of death is imagined to be near. The propaganda was so effective during COVID that we saw scenes where a person would die in a vaccination center as soon as the needle was pulled out of an arm, and the people in line watching the death wouldn't even leave. They stayed in line, rolled up their sleeves, and pretended they didn't see anything. This is the kind of madness that politicians exploit to gain unlimited power and control.

In decades past, many lives have been saved by our medical system. But times have changed, and what used to heal us is now being used to enslave us. I urge you to not fall for the fear campaigns currently spreading across multiple news sites. The people writing them, or paying to have them written, don't have your best interests at heart. 

Never Forget How They Lied To Us.

Rabbi spreading vaccine propaganda

During the COVID plandemic, health authorities around the world lied to the public in an effort to intimidate us into getting vaccinated. They used who they felt were trusted members of the community to nudge, coerce, or scare us into compliance with vaccination mandates, despite stacks of evidence proving the jabs were dangerous and even deadly. 

We must never forget how they lied to us. And we must never forget the victims.

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