Republicans Versus Democrats: Who Is Really On Our Side?

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Of the two major political parties in the United States, which one:

  • defends free speech and the freedom to assemble as mandated by the 1st amendment?
  • consistently upholds the 2nd amendment: (the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed)?
  • respects the 4th amendment which protects against unreasonable searches and seizures?
  • works to create and maintain secure and valid voting systems that earn the public's trust?
  • puts the American people first in legislation and spending?
  • protects the homeland with secure borders?
  • maintains a sound financial system rather than a Ponzi scheme?
  • tells us the truth about the Social Security system and how it will soon be insolvent unless hard choices are made?
  • has seriously introduced and promoted the idea of term limits for members of Congress?
  • honestly investigated the 9/11 attacks and told us the truth about what happened that day?
  • honestly investigated the January 6 DC riots and released all the video footage from that day?
  • told us the truth about the COVID "pandemic" and warned the public about the dangers of the vaccines?
  • is telling us the truth including ALL the science on "climate change" so we can make up our own minds?
  • has told us about the WHO international agreements that could strip the US of its sovereignty on health issues?
  • has significantly reduced the size of the federal government and dramatically cut its spending and power?
  • investigated the allegations against Jeffrey Epstein resulting in the prosecution of wealthy pedophiles?
  • has called for world peace?

Okay, I admit these are trick questions, because neither party has done any of the things in this list. Despite claiming to be different and playing the "left vs right" game, on the issues that matter to freedom-loving and morally-sound Americans, both the Republicans and the Democrats are consistently and repeatedly failing us. Neither party is upholding the US Constitution and Bill of Rights and in fact they seem to enjoy trampling all over it. Politicians from both parties apparently serve masters other than the US citizens they're supposed to represent. We the people have become little more than tax slaves for the people hiding in the shadows who are really in control of the federal government, and many state governments as well. 

So if you think your vote will make a difference this November, consider this list and ask yourself how one party is going to do more for you than the other.  Without serious reforms, I'm afraid our political system has become little more than a distraction while the deep state and their global allies exploit us, enslave us, and hasten our demise.

It's time we take control before we find there's nothing left.

Israel Owns American Politicians.

hakeem jeffries AIPAC

American politicians accept millions of dollars in campaign contributions from AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) and in return they do whatever American and Israeli Zionists tell them to do. These "bought and paid for" compromised elected officials will always put Israel ahead of the United States.

What's the story on AIPAC? According to their own website:

"AIPAC brings together Democrats and Republicans to advance our shared mission: Building bipartisan support for the U.S.-Israel relationship."

"We encourage the U.S. government to enact specific policies that create a strong, enduring and mutually beneficial relationship with our ally Israel."

"It is the largest pro-Israel PAC in America and contributed more resources directly to candidates than any other PAC. 98% of AIPAC-backed candidates won their general election races in 2022."

American politicians know: if they give unwavering and unending support to Israel, they'll be rewarded with money and a nearly 100% chance they'll win their next election. Politicians who don't play along are shunned and soon find themselves pushed out of office. AIPAC has pledged to spend over $100 million on campaigns this election cycle to defeat any congressional candidates critical of Israel.

Israel gets what Israel wants. And ultimately, we pay for it all while our own nation slides into third-world status. This is the power of AIPAC.

To learn more about AIPAC's agenda and tactics, take a look at this research by 'The American Prospect': AIPAC Talking Points Revealed

News Bites: March 07, 2024.

Congress has a circle-jerk. Arizona feels the heat. Biden beats himself. And the CDC pushes fake science.

Biden state of the union speech

I didn't watch the State of the Union speech. If I want to see a room full of psychopaths and mental midgets stroke each other, I'll visit the nearest insane asylum. So let's move on to more important things:

Arizona heat officer

Under the direction of radical-left Governor Katie Hobbs, Arizona has named the first statewide "heat officer" to address extreme heat. Dr. Eugene Livar was appointed to the role under Hobbs’ extreme heat preparedness plan, the Arizona Department of Health Services said Wednesday. It's not clear what a heat officer does, but according to news reports, Dr. Livar will work on providing "cooling stations" and fans to Arizona residents, who are already used to heat since most of the state is in the desert. I'm not sure they need a high-paid doctor for the job, as Joe over at the Home Depot knows all about fans and he works for $15 per hour. I guess Hobbs thinks having a doctor in the role will add credibility to the climate scam agenda and keep the fear cranked up higher than the air conditioning in the Governor's office.

Democratic primaries

The mind-control media is trying to be dramatic about Joe Biden winning Democratic party primaries, celebrating each victory as if Biden is actually competing with anyone. Even the New York Post, allegedly a conservative publication, proclaimed Biden is moving "closer to seizing the nomination again". But he's not seizing it at all. It's being handed to him by default, since he has no opponents on the ballot in most areas, and hardly anyone knows the few opponents who do appear. Even unopposed, Biden isn't getting all the votes. In North Carolina, almost 13% of Democrats voted "No Preference" in the March 03 primaries. And that's encouraging, as it shows that at least 13% of Democrats haven't lost their minds, yet.

CDC covid guidelines

And finally, covid is back in the news. The CDC (Centers for Disinformation Creation?) has issued new guidelines that still include mask wearing, despite a stack of studies proving masks aren't effective at preventing the spread of disease. The reason masks don't work is likely tied to the fact that viruses have never been proven to cause diseases. The "science" of virology is a theory, not a fact, but it's a theory that's been very useful for Big Pharma and authoritarian governments. It's critically important that we educate our friends and family about virology's shady past and the corrupt people who have been associated with it. As long as the virus theory is pushed by the propagandists, the public will be easily herded into control tools like fake pandemics, masks, lockdowns, and vaccines. Without those tools, the establishment loses much of its power and the people can finally begin to see reality.

Bomb Back Better!

Joe Biden nuclear war

Of course it's satire. But I really do wonder how anyone could vote for Joe Biden in 2024 considering how the world has basically been on fire ever since he was "elected" in 2020. We're closer to World War III than we've ever been. Will Democrats come to their senses and turn their backs on Biden, perhaps saving the entire world? Or will the mind control continue, resulting in millions voting for their own annihilation? 

2024 is going to be an interesting year. Let's hope it's not our last.

Notes From Clown World: December 7, 2023

America's worst President in modern history, Joe Biden, seems to have a very high opinion of himself. Recently he said "We’ve got to get it done, not because of me. ... If Trump wasn’t running I’m not sure I’d be running. We cannot let him win.” His statement suggests he thinks that he's the only candidate who can defeat Donald Trump in 2024, despite Biden's incredibly low popularity. Few people like him, other than the most hardcore party loyalists and a handful of ignorant and indoctrinated liberals. Surely any functioning, breathing body the Democratic Party could list on the ballot would do as well or better than Biden. Yet it's possible he'll be the party's choice once again, because he serves a very valuable purpose: sleepy Joe is the manipulable face of the people who hide in the shadows and actually direct the show. These deep state sociopaths need a witless, immoral puppet to dance for them in the White House, and Biden happily plays along, probably because his mind is so far gone he doesn't realize what he's become. He thinks he's a hero. His handlers told him so. It will be up to the voters to prove him wrong and send him home.

[photo screenshot from WFMY 2]

The cancer centers of Cone Health in Greensboro NC have announced that beginning Thursday, face masks will be required to be worn by all patients and visitors due to a spike in respiratory "viruses". When I read about it on a local news station's website, my first thought wasn't that the hospital is being cautious. Instead I thought, "despite all the studies proving masks don't stop the spread of disease, why are they still mandating this nonsense?" And thinking further, it made me question the competence of a medical system that continues to embrace the discredited theory that viruses cause diseases, and that toxic injections called "vaccines" can protect us from viral infections. Should a hospital that still, to this day, promotes covid shots that have killed or injured millions of people worldwide, push masks upon us as if they care about our health? And what about the cancer treatments that the medical industrial complex insists we submit to? Surgery, radiation, and chemo medicines that originated from deadly mustard gas are the only things they offer. Natural treatments like B-17 and the Gerson therapy are discredited or hidden from us by a system that would rather drain our bank accounts than actually heal us.

If you're in a car accident, modern hospitals with their trauma centers can probably save your life. They're really good at putting people back together. But we need to take responsibility for our overall wellness and protect our health so that we never have to entrust our lives to people who believe in outdated science and dangerous drugs. 

The government has found a new way to spend your money: the Brightline electric high-speed rail line will connect Los Angeles to Las Vegas, but it will cost taxpayers an unknown figure way beyond its current funding of $3 billion by the time it's finished. Ongoing operating expenses will not likely be covered by rider fares, so this well-intentioned transportation project will suck up tax dollars for decades until common-sense prevails and the whole thing is shut down and left to rust. And why do we need high-speed rail to Vegas? If this is about sustainability, building an expensive rail line to a city in the desert that is itself unsustainable seems ill-advised, at best. Las Vegas already has issues with its water supply. (Building a mega-resort in a patch of hot sand probably wasn't a good idea.) And now that everyone is focused on the responsible use of resources and reducing CO2 emissions, Vegas' continued existence could soon be considered an extravagance that humanity can't afford. But for now no one seems worried about that. Could it be because the city is a huge profit center for the organized crime cartels that control the casinos and hotels? How much of those profits go to bribe politicians so they'll support senseless projects like this, projects struggling Americans neither want nor need?

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